Bidets for New Homeowners

Buying a new home can be an exciting yet challenging experience. New homeowners will have many decisions to make as to what will be included in their new home. From furniture to appliances, wall art to home entertainment systems, new home owners will have their fair share of pros and cons to weigh and decisions to make. But one item that should not be overlooked is that of a bidet. A bidet is a great addition to any new home. Being that we are in the 21st century, no modern home is complete without a bidet installed in the bathroom! In this article we’ll discuss why installing a bidet into a newly purchased home is a great idea for new homeowners. 

Two Types of Bidets: Integrated Bidet Toilets  vs Bidet Toilet Seats

There are two main types of bidets you can install in your bathroom. The first option is a bidet toilet seat attachment. This is a bidet seat which replaces your existing toilet seat and lid and attaches to your toilet bowl. This more affordable option has all the features an integrated bidet would have including warm water, a heated seat, warm air dryer, nozzle oscillation, and nozzle sterilization, just to name a few. Before purchasing a bidet seat, make sure your toilet is compatible with our bidet seats. Read over our fitment guide for a detailed breakdown on how to measure your toilet seat. 

The second type of bidet available is an integrated bidet toilet. This is a bidet-toilet combo which replaces your whole toilet setup. This has the benefit of having a more modern, stylish, and sleek design which can transform your bathroom into an aesthetically pleasing and modern looking restroom. 

 It should be noted that an electrical outlet will be required to connect either a bidet seat attachment or an integrated bidet toilet. A GFCI type outlet is highly recommended and should be within four feet of the bidet. (If it is not within 4 feet you can still use an extension cord to connect the bidet but be sure to route the cable in a safe manner).

Benefits of Having a Bidet In Your Bathroom

Installing a bidet, whether as a combo unit or as a stand alone bidet seat, will dramatically improve your bathroom experience. A bidet will give you and your guests access to luxurious features such as unlimited warm water, a warm air dryer, heated seat, front feminine wash, massage mode, and an oscillating nozzle spray, just to name a few. These comfort oriented features are a game changer for anyone looking to improve their time spent in the bathroom and their overall hygiene.

Installing a bidet in your newly renovated bathroom will also drastically reduce the amount of toilet paper you will use. Bidet users, on average, find that using a bidet will reduce their toilet paper usage by 70-80%. If you utilize the built in warm airy dryer, you can even completely eliminate the use of toilet paper altogether! This amounts to some serious monetary savings as the average American spends over $11,000 on toilet paper and a further $9,000 on wet wipes during their lifetime. Reducing or eliminating your toilet paper usage will also help the environment by reducing your dependency on toilet paper which contributes to trees being cut down.

Another benefit of having a bidet in your home’s bathroom is an improvement in overall hygiene. This is due to eliminating the need to wipe after having relieved yourself. Using toilet paper to wipe oneself essentially spreads solids and, although it does remove a good amount of residue, it does not completely clean you. A bidet’s nozzle spray, on the other hand, will completely clean you and remove all residue from your underside. This has the added benefit of saving you money from a decrease in toilet paper usage! 

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