Bidet Toilet Seat 101: User Presets

If you plan to have multiple people use a bidet seat in your home, a great feature to consider is that of user presets. This useful feature allows up to two users to save their preferred settings on the bidet seat. This can be extremely helpful and make your bidet experience much more enjoyable and less time consuming. When multiple people use a bidet seat without user presets, each user will have to manually change the settings on their bidet seat to their liking. Bidet seats without user presets are designed to remember the settings used by the last person to have activated the bidet seat. The settings saved are seat temperature, water temperature, water spray pressure, and nozzle position- however, some models save different settings. Please check the product page for each specific bidet seat model to see which settings are saved under the user presets.

So, for instance, if your spouse used the bidet seat with a high seat temperature, cold water spray, and low spray pressure setting, these will be the settings your bidet will remain at until you manually change them. User presets allow you to bypass this issue by saving two presets customized for each user. A simple press of a button will change all the settings on your bidet seat to those which you have previously saved and prefer.

Bidet Seat Models with User Presets