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Installating a bidet toilet seat on your existing toilet is fairly simple if you have a standard 2 piece toilet. This general set of instructions applies to most bidet seats on the market today with slight variations depending on the brand and model of bidet. If you're not sure what kind of toilet you have, you'll want to check out our toilet fitment guide first. If you have a skirted toilet, you'll want to read our article about installing a bidet toilet seat on a skirted toilet first.

1) To install a bidet toilet seat like the ALPHA JX in the video, first remove your existing toilet seat and lid. Turn the water supply valve off and flush the toilet tank completely.

2) Disconnect the supply hose from the toilet tank and install the 7/8" t-valve. Then, reconnect the water supply hose to the bottom of the t-valve.

3) Bidet toilet seats come with a mounting bracket and two mounting bolts. Place the bracket over the bolt holes and insert the mounting bolts. The mounting bracket can be adjusted back and forth for better alignment with your toilet. Tighten the bolts from the underside of the bowl using the plastic nuts.

4) Lock the bidet seat into place by sliding the unit back into its mounting plate. There should be an audible click when the seat is locked.

5) (OPTIONAL) Next, connect the water filter and the bidet hose to t-valve.  If no filter, connect the hose directly to the t-valve. Connect the other side of the hose to the bidet seat.

6) Once the plumbing is connected, open the shutoff valve at the wall and check for leaks. Finally, plug the electrical cord into a GFCI outlet.

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