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The WASHLET C5 is a high-tech electronic bidet toilet seat by TOTO.  Installation is a simple and easy.  It delivers advanced technology and innovation to enhance cleanliness and provide the ultimate in personal comfort. The C5 features an adjustable spray that allows you to experience a warm water rinse that cleanses and refreshes you more effectively than toilet paper. You will feel cleaner and more comfortable than you’ve ever felt after a bathroom break. 

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

The WASHLET C5 by TOTO includes an easy-to-use wireless remote control with an illuminated touchpad. The PREMIST® function sprays the bowl before each use, helping to keep your toilet bowl clean. The C5 provides a satisfying cleansing experience every time.

The new TOTO WASHLET C5 is the new and improved version of their popular TOTO WASHLET C200.  The C5 features a slimmer profile when compared to C200.  Additionally the C5 features EWATER which converts the ions in your tap water to a gentle cleansing agent that can help with cutting down on the chemicals necessary for cleaning.  Improvements have made to the remote allowing for a greater degree of control over the seats function.


SW3084#1 Elongated in Cotton White

SW3084#12 Elongated in Sedona Beige



Self-Cleaning Wand with EWATER+

After each flush, EWATER+ mists on the wand and toilet bowl, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.



Power Rating AC 120 V 60 Hz
Power Consumption 403W
Max Power
Power Cord Length 3.93 ft (1.2 m)
Spray Volume Rear Cleansing:
0.07 – 0.11 gal/min
Rear Soft Cleansing:
0.07 – 0.11 gal/min
Front Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Spray Features Adjustable Surface Temp:
95 – 104 ºF (35 – 40 ºC)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Warm Air
Dryer Features
Adjustable Air Temp:
95 – 140 ºF (35 – 60 ºC)
Airflow Volume:
8.83 ft3/min (0.25 m3/min)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Heated Seat
Adjustable Surface Temp:
82 – 97 ºF (28 – 36 ºC)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Water Supply
7.25 PSI (Dynamic)
108.75 PSI (Static)
Ambient Temp. 32 – 104 ºF (0 – 40 ºC)
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight SW3084:
15.5 lbs
23-5/8"L x 18-5/8"W x 7-5/8"H



- Gentle aerated warm water

- Dual Action spray with oscillating and pulsating feature

- Adjustable water temperature and volume

- Warm air drying with three variable temperature settings

- Automatic air deodorizer

- Convenient slim wireless remote, with illuminated touchpad

- EWATER+ auto cleans wand

- On-demand remote function cleans the wand with EWATER+

- Elongated heated seat with temperature control 

- PREMIST® on bowl before each use


Product Spec Sheet


User Manual

TOTO WASHLET C5 Users Manual



Manufacturer One Year Limited

Fitment and Installation Guides

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rora Fram
Great Product - Works like intended

BidetKing is legit. Best prices compared to others and shipping was FAST. The product came in less than 5 business days. The bidet was in perfect condition and works as intended. Will purchase from this seller again in the future.

Aleksandra (Sasha) Rozenberg
Amazing Bidet

We love these bidets , they are the perfect fit and function very well and warm up very well too. Glad we got the new design it’s more sleek

Floyd M
Great unit, wish it had a LED light

Great washlet. Good power, rinse and warm water. I’d buy similar again. Just wish it had a LED light. The next level up with a light was twice the price. Also shipping to Canada we received another $75 customs shipping bill. I’d recommend buy local if you are not living in the USA.

Scott Mason
Works fine but the gimmicks aren't needed

Works fine and installation was easy if you don't count four trips to the hardware (not Toto's fault -- I am a plumbing klutz and was trying to save $5 on a proper line to the toilet) and $300 to get a GFI electric outlet installed by a reasonably competent electrician. Should have done the wiring myself and hired a plumber.
We find the air dryer mostly an unnecessary waste of power and time. So is the exhaust of 'fumes'. Our WC has an exhaust fan after all. Also, the warm water reservoir seems to hold about a cup of water at the most. The heated seat in summer is a waste. We'll see come winter if we want it back on. It does interfere with this stand-up guy but does improve my aim. The various tickle functions are ... interesting sensations.
So....we paid about $750 all-in and the thing does clean us up. The doctor recommended it for my wife to avoid UTI's. (Women's undercarriages seem poorly designed.) My adult daughter has a battery-powered bidet with no heating or exhausting and she likes it. Lot's cheaper!
If you need a bidet, this one seems to fill the bill on functions of all kinds.

Bryan H

C5 was easy to install and has provided everything it advertised. The upgrades to cleanliness over the C200 is probably worth whatever the difference in price is. BidetKing delivery was quick and we had no issues with any of the ordering process. Recommend checking that all the parts are contained in the original order when you receive it, this will help to avoid any warranty issue.

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