Benefits of a Bidet Seat for Women

A bidet seat has the ability to transform your old and outdated bathroom into a modern and luxurious one. It can also drastically improve your overall hygiene. Women can especially benefit from this improved hygiene by utilizing the features included in a bidet seat. In this article we will discuss the benefits a bidet seat can have for women, how it can improve their hygiene, reduce their chances of UTI’s, and how it can enhance their overall bathroom experience. So with all this said, let’s get into it.

Benefits of a Bidet Seat

The plethora of features on a bidet seat can drastically improve a woman’s time spent in her bathroom. A bidet will give you access to luxurious features such as a rear wash, unlimited warm water, a warm air dryer, heated seat, front feminine wash, massage mode, and an oscillating nozzle spray, just to name a few. These comfort oriented features are a game changer for anyone looking to improve their time spent in the bathroom. 

Women can enjoy both a rear and front wash cycle after they have relieved themselves. This will leave you feeling much cleaner and fresher compared to using traditional toilet paper or wet wipes. Which, speaking of toilet paper, merely spreads waste around. The wash function on a bidet seat is much more effective than toilet paper in cleaning oneself. 

Improved Hygiene

Women can especially benefit from a bidet seat when it comes to their hygiene. Having the ability to wash away any residue after having a bowel movement or urinating is much more hygienic and leaves one feeling much cleaner and fresh compared to wiping with toilet paper

Utilizing the front feminine wash is of considerable importance for women as using water to clean oneself greatly reduces the chances of a UTI developing in women. This is due to the fact that a bidet seat, using its sufficiently strong spray, will do a much better job at cleaning you and removing waste than simply wiping using toilet paper or wet wipes. 

Another benefit of using a bidet seat relates to a woman’s menstrual cycle. A bidet seat using its front feminine wash will effectively clean any menstrual blood and discharge. Oftentimes, wiping using toilet paper or wet wipes will prove ineffective at completely removing menstrual blood and/or any discharge. Women who are pregnant can also benefit from a bidet seat. Bidets can help with prenatal care by cleaning in and around a woman’s private area. Keeping this area clean is important and helps avoid issues stemming from UTIs. Bidet seats will also help women stay clean and comfortable during their postnatal phase, when they are healing and recovering from giving birth.  When everything is extra sensitive down there, you don’t want to be wiping with toilet paper alone.

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