Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Bidet Toilet Seat

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Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Hero

The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS from is the new flagship bidet toilet seat from crowd favorite, Bio Bidet. The Discovery DLS is Bio Bidet’s first foray into the ultra premium bidet seat segment and it boasts several high end features to fit the bill. The DLS’s build quality is excellent and it sports the lowest, most modern profile of any Bio Bidet model to date. When you’re ready to explore the next step up in luxury bidet seats, find the Discovery DLS.

The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is available in the White color and Elongated size only.

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS




The Discovery DLS is just 4.7” high in the rear. This is by far Bio Bidet’s slimmest bidet seat and is almost as low as the class leading TOTO S550e Washlet (4.5”). Compared to their best selling Bio Bidet BB-2000, which is almost 6” tall in the rear, the DLS has a much sleeker silhouette that gives it a more modern aesthetic.
Beyond its forward thinking design, the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS also features a cool white LED nightlight that shines into the bowl. LED nightlights that shine into the bowl not only provide the wow factor for guests, but are also more functional and allow users to use the toilet at night without needing to turn on their bathroom lights.

uv light

Bio Bidet designed the DLS remote control with beauty and simplicity in mind. The front face features just 5 easy to read buttons for the basic functions STOP / FRONT / REAR / DRY / AUTO. All other adjustments will be found on the backside while the lid and seat lift/close buttons are along the top edge for easy access. The remote control itself has a nice, minimalist aesthetic to it and the button positions are well thought out.

Features and Functions

The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is targeting the top end of the bidet toilet seat market and it certainly has the full gamut of luxury features one would expect. It is powered by an energy efficient tankless water heating system and its spray pressure is solid, above average - more than adequate for effective cleansing. The DLS’s default wash setting includes nozzle oscillation. If you prefer a stationary nozzle, simply press the wash button a second time.

Its warm air dryer and heated seat are adjustable, comfortable to use and provide consistent heating temperatures. The Discovery DLS uses a single, stainless steel wash nozzle with different sections for the different wash functions. We found the stream nicely aerated and comfortable in both front and rear wash cycles.

auto open

Motorized Opening/Closing Seat and Lid – The DLS features a motorized seat and lid that open and close at the press of a button. The motorized action is impressively smooth so the lid and seat do not slam into each other. This feature is perfect for users wanting a truly hands free experience when using the toilet – no touching of the seat or lid required. One note is that the DLS proximity sensor is disabled by default so the lid will not automatically open upon approach. To activate the sensor, press Nozzle Clean + Dynamic Stream and hold for 3-5 seconds. The seat and lid will automatically close after being idle for 2 minutes.

UV Sterilization – A nice luxury touch that sets the Discovery DLS apart is the use of UV technology to sterilize the nozzle. After each wash cycle, the DLS will use an internal UV light to help sterilize the nozzle. This is in addition to the nozzle’s self-cleaning function that uses water like other bidet seats. UV sterilization is a nice added benefit for users that are keen on keeping the nozzle surface extra hygienic.

5 Year Warranty – Bio Bidet is so confident in the quality of the Discovery DLS that they’re offering an industry leading 5 year warranty. The warranty covers 100% of parts and labor costs for a full 5 years from the date of purchase without needing to purchase an extended warranty.


Full Feature List

• Rear Wash
• Front Feminine Wash
• Wireless Remote Control w/ Wall Mount
• Nozzle Oscillation
• Automatic Motorized Seat and Lid
• UV Nozzle Sterilization
• Dynamic Stream (Hot/Cold Wash Therapy)
• Warm Air Dryer w/ Adjustable Temp
• Heated Seat w/ Adjustable Temp
• Seat Sensor
• Adjustable Nozzle Position
• Adjustable Water Temp
• Adjustable Spray Pressure
• LED Nightlight
• Power Saving Modes
• Stainless Steel Wash Nozzle
• Self-Cleaning Nozzle
• 1 Button Auto Wash & Dry

What's Included?

- (1) 7/8" Metal T-Valve
- (1) Bidet Seat Supply Hose
- (1) 90 Degree Elbow
- (1) 7/8" to 3/8" Metal Braided Hose
- (2) Mounting Screws
- (1) Seat Mounting Bracket
- (1) Remote Control with Wall Mount


The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS from is covered by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers 100% of parts and labor from the date of purchase.


The Discover DLS fits 2 piece toilets and some 1 piece toilets without the French curve design. To determine what type of toilet you have, please consult the Bidet Toilet Seat Fitment Guide.

User Manual

Bio Bidet Discovery DLS User Manual (pdf)

Fitment and Installation Guides

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Bidet and Great Seller!

I was going to purchase an expensive Toto on Amazon and found this website. Asking questions via Chat, the helpful and knowledgeable seller addressed my specific questions and then suggested this bidet instead. I couldn't be more pleased with it! All of the functionality is perfect. I was glad to have hired a plumber for the install as my toilet is old and the thicker base required some longer bolts to attach the seat. But now that it's up and running I don't know how I lived without it. Thanks BioBidet and BidetKing - will do business with you both anytime.


Seat makes a loud beep when both the cover and seat is raised. Although the manual says you can silence the sound, you can't, as confirmed by two BioBIDET techs. So everyone nearby knows you're on the can. It's both annoying and frustrating, particularly when you have to use the toilet when others are asleep. I should have spent the extra cash and gotten a Toto.


Water pressure needs to be higher. Otherwise it is good.

Does everything but pull up your pants when you are finished.

This replaced an old Toto C100. The Discovery is amazing and has every feature you could possibly want form a bidet seat. One huge plus to the Discovery is it's height - You won't feel like you are tipping off the front of the bowl like other seats. It is extremely comfortable to sit on. The only thing keeping it from being the perfect bidet seat to me is having user presets. The instructions and user manual are not the best - I did not have a difficult time installing the seat, but I could absolutely see how some might say they had a hard time. At this price and a 5 year warranty to boot - this has to be your bidet seat.

Great Design and Features in a Well Priced Bidet Seat

The Discovery DLS is a well designed, feature-rich, luxury bidet seat that will meet the expectations of the most discriminating individual. I was looking for a well designed but not over-engineered product that the manufacturer would stand behind, not just next year, but for the foreseeable future (5-yr parts/labor warranty).

The seat has a low profile design and well engineered installation and setup. Installation was relatively straightforward, though there is room for improvement in the installation instructions (which side of the metal brackets face upwards) and some basic FYI's related to standard cord length (4'), cord side (RH side when viewing from the front), power requirement 120vac GFCI-protected outlet supporting ~8.75 amps (1050 watts/120vac). That said, I found a YouTube product review video from an installation professional that stepped through the install (simply Google "Discovery DLS Installation").

Finally, the price point is very reasonable given the luxury features/function, design, and warranty.

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