TOTO S550e Washlet SW3056, SW3054

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Color: Cotton White
Size: Elongated
Lid Style: Classic
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The TOTO washlet S550e is the latest and greatest seat from the global industry leading TOTO. Built with the same great quality and design as its predecessors, the TOTO S550e washlet comes with a bit of a twist. The S550e is available in two new designs for its lid, the contemporary and the classic. The remote control is also updated with a touch pad style and features radio sensory frequency. They are only available in the Elongated size at this time.

The TOTO S550e washlet is different from the S500e washlet in that it includes the automatic opening/closing lid and LED nightlight features. It is otherwise identical.

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS


SW3056#01 Washlet S550e Contemporary Design Cotton White

SW3056#12 Washlet S550e Contemporary Design Sedona Beige

SW3054#01 Washlet S550e Classic Design Cotton White

SW3054#12 Washlet S550e Classic Design Sedona Beige

toto washlet classic contemporary


These two new designs for the S550e add diversity and a more custom look for your toilet. The contemporary lid presents a sleek silhouette and clean lines more suited for modern décor.  The classic lid is better for more traditional or embellished bathroom décor with its beveled edge

Technology and luxury are the major defining traits of the TOTO S550e washlet. It boasts remarkable presentation with its auto opening/closing lid. There is nothing more striking than a bidet seat that opens automatically when you approach and closes when you walk away. The motorized seat and lid can be programmed to either lift automatically via proximity sensor, or can be controlled via buttons on the remote.

Another new feature of the TOTO S500e washlet is the addition of an LED nightlight. TOTO’s flagship bidet seat now boasts an LED white light that is easy on the eyes during night use. The night light adds to the ‘wow factor’ for bathroom guests, and also allows you to use the toilet at night without having to blind yourself with bright bathroom lights.

Presentation is a fundamental cornerstone for TOTO.  As a result, TOTO has updated its wireless remote control for the S550e washlet.  The remote is a dual sided, user friendly remote that comes with a wall mount. The front side features illuminated, touch sensitive buttons that offer the basic operations.  The reverse side allows for more fine tuning and advanced settings.  The remote can also save the basic settings for 2 user profiles.

The TOTO S550e produces a soothing/strong dual action aerated stream. The front and rear sprays each have two difference modes, soft or hard depending on your preference.  While TOTO washlet’s do not have the strongest sprays on the market, they are very comfortable. This stream is able to be adjusted in 5 different positions and 5 different pressures, all while producing consistent heat temperature of up to 104 degrees. 

The S550e washlet uses a tankless water heating system that produces unlimited warm water for the duration of the wash. Its tankless water heater is capable of instantly producing, and maintaining temperatures of up to 104 degrees.

The dryer on the S550e is also a strength. In general, bidet seats do not have strong dryers for health reasons as you don’t want a strong fan blowing around your dirty toilet bowl. TOTO’s high end washlets have above average dryers and seem to move more air than other brands.

One unique feature that Toto is known for is Ewater+.  Ewater+ is a fun feature that mists your toilet bowl with electrolyzed water between uses. This happens after each use and every 8 hours of being idle for maintenance and helps disinfect your toilet bowl.  The new S550e washlet also cleans the nozzle with eWater+.  This happens pre-wash and post-wash, assuring users get the cleanest wash possible.

The TOTO S550e also includes all the typical luxury bidet seat features you’d come to expect including heated seat, deodorizer, self-cleaning nozzles, and so on.  See below for the full feature list.


Features and Functions

Gentle Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action Cleansing Spray
The main function of the WASHLET w/ soft and hard sprays.

Instant Water Heating System
For continuous warm water and energy saving.

Convenient Slim Wireless Remote Control
Wall mountable with illuminated touch pad.

Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure
Select the temperature and pressure that's right for you.

Oscillating or Pulsating Functions
For maximum comfort, take advantage of the oscillating or pulsating spray patterns.

Hands Free Dryer
Warm air drying with adjustable temperature (5 levels).

Rear Spray (Soft)
A soft, comfortable spray.

Rear Cleanse (Hard)
Warm water spray with adjustable water temperature and pressure.

Wide Front Spray (Soft) 
A spray with a larger radius to cover more space.

Front Cleanse (Hard)
Warm water spray with adjustable water temperature and pressure.

Heated Seat
Comforting, warm seat.

Eco-friendly, electrolyzed water spray that keeps the bowl cleaner.

Self-cleaning Wand
Wand is cleaned before and after every use.

Automatic Air Deodorizer
Air is filtered to help remove odor.

Water spray that wets the bowl before use.

User Presets
Save settings for 2 users.

Night Light (s550e / SW3056 / SW3054 only)
Convenient night light feature.

Auto Open/Close Lid (s550e / SW3056 / SW3054 only)
Sensor operated, automatic opening and closing lid.


Power Rating AC 120 V 60 Hz
Power Consumption 1288W
Max Power
Power Cord Length 3.94 ft (1.2 m)
Spray Volume Rear Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Rear Soft Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Front Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Wide Front Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Spray Features Adjustable Surface Temp:
86 – 104 ºF (30 – 40 ºC)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Warm Air
Dryer Features
Adjustable Air Temp:
95 – 140 ºF (35 – 60 ºC)
Air?ow Volume:
10.24 ft3/min (0.29 m3/min)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Heated Seat
Adjustable Surface Temp:
82 – 97 ºF (28 – 36 ºC)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Water Supply
7.25 PSI (Dynamic)
108.75 PSI (Static)
Ambient Temp. 32 – 104 ºF (0 – 40 ºC)
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight 16 lbs
23-1/2"L x 18-1/2"W x 6-1/2"H


Fitment Guide 

washlet fitment


Download Product Sheets

Spec Sheet (s550e / SW3056 / SW3054)

Download User Manual

User Manual (s550e / SW3056 / SW3054)



The name TOTO speaks for itself. TOTO is renowned worldwide for its high quality kitchen and bath wares. TOTO’s bidets don’t fall behind in popularity and are usually the first bidet mentioned by many customers. Its name recognition is not surprising as TOTO has been around since 1917 and has been creating bidet seats as early as the 1960s. They even coined their own term “washlet” to describe their line of bidet toilet seats. Today, TOTO’s high end washlets are still the gold standard in this budding industry. Lets breakdown TOTO’s flagship model the TOTO S550e Washlet (SW3056).

The TOTO S550e SW3056 washlet is essentially the absolute best bidet toilet seat money can buy. The S550e is a luxury class seat with a variety of high end features as well as unique TOTO proprietary features. The S550e washlet comes with adjustable spray pressure, adjustable nozzle positioning, pulsing spray, auto open/close lid, EWATER+, an option of two lid designs, with many more features to review, so let’s get started.

Contemporary or Classic Lid Styles
The TOTO S550e washlet comes in two different lid styles: classic and contemporary. The contemporary style lid has a clean minimalistic look with a smooth unibody design that falls over the seat. The classic style lid has a beveled edge that adds complexity to its overall look, best suited for traditional or embellished toilet styles. The TOTO’s overall silhouette is also very appealing, as the S550e washlet has perhaps the most streamlined profile on the market at just 4.5” tall in the rear. The S550e is anything but thick and bulky, and its unibody design really adds to this. The unibody design really blends tightly into the seat, being seamless in its design and not having any division on the lid of the bidet. This shape makes the TOTO S550e look more like a piece of modern decor than a medical device.

Dual Spray Options
The TOTO S550e washlet cleansing functions have two different wash modes: soft and hard. The soft spray is the default option and provides a wider, spritz like cleansing spray. This is best suited for users that prefer softer spray pressure. The front and rear cleansing functions can also be modified for the “hard spray”. The hard spray feels more like other bidet seats on the market and provides a narrower, firmer spray. It’s not as narrow or forceful as the “enema function” on other models, but it does provide pretty strong spray pressure.
In older and lower end TOTO washlets, weak spray pressure is the biggest complaint. The S550e washlet’s hard spray function has addressed this weakness and should satisfy most users that don’t need an enema function.

Tankless Heating System
The TOTO S550e washlet uses an energy efficient, tankless water heating system like most other high end bidet seats. The water heater has the ability to reach temperatures ranging from 86 degrees fahrenheit to 104 degrees fahrenheit. Its heater is very consistent and provides unlimited warm water throughout the entirety of the wash with no intermitance. The S550e is able to switch temperatures fairly quickly like other tankless models.

Adjustability and Convenience
The TOTO S550e comes with fully adjustable features from water temperature to nozzle positioning. All adjustments can be controlled via remote control and will be displayed on the S550e’s remote. Spray pressure on the TOTO S550 will have 5 different options available, just as well as for nozzle positioning, water temperature, and warm air dryer temperature.

Nozzle Construction
The S550e’s nozzle is constructed of a high grade, antimicrobial plastic. It has different sections for the front and rear wash and is capable of doing a soft vs hard spray mode for each wash type. Although the nozzle’s construction is plastic, TOTO bases their decision off of more than 50 years of experience and knowledge with bidet seats. Additionally, the TOTO S550e EWATER+ feature sterilizes the nozzle with electrolyzed water, which helps maintain a high level of nozzle integrity.

User Presets
The TOTO S550e washlet has the ability to save 2 user profiles. These user presets are capable of remembering the following: wand position, water pressure, and water temperature. It is important to note that presets are not yet that extensive and are very limited to only the few number of things listed above. After bringing up the saved settings, the user will still need to press the desired wash function to start a wash.

Premist and EWATER+
The TOTO exclusive EWATER+ feature is their proprietary system for counteracting the microscopic build up of bacteria and gunk without the use of chemicals or cleaning agents. Essentially, the TOTO S550e washlet has a process to turn normal tap water into electrolyzed water. It then uses this electrolyzed water to occasionally spray a fine mist on your toilet bowl with the idea that a toilet bowl moistened with EWATER+ stays cleaner. The S550e washlet also uses this electrolyzed water to clean the spray nozzle.
The premisting function sounds great, but in actual practice it remains to be seen how much this function actually keeps the toilet bowl cleaner. This process does make some audible noise so if you’re a light sleeper with a nearby toilet, you may want to turn this feature off.

Automatic Opening/Closing Seat and Lid
One of the biggest and most unique features found on the TOTO S550e washlet is its automatic opening and closing lid. It provides the ultimate“wow” factor when one enters the bathroom. The washlet has a proximity sensor that will open the lid when you approach the toilet. When you’re done with the toilet, the lid will close a minute or two after you leave.
An automatic seat and lid is a feature found few and far between - the S550e being one of only two popular bidet seats to sport this feature. This feature itself is very convenient aside from being an impressive trick, it allows you to use the toilet without having to touch any surface areas. For some this can be a very appealing feature. The automatic seat and lid can be turned off and the opening/closing also be controlled by the TOTO S550e’s remote instead of its proximity sensor. This programming can be accessed through through the advanced settings on the back of the remote control.

Heated Seat
The TOTO S550e washlet’s wireless remote is a highlight. The front side is touch sensitive with buttons that illuminate once you touch them. Most basic settings can be found on the front side of the remote. On the rear side, you’ll find buttons and an LCD display screen for more advanced settings. The remote control’s basic settings are easy enough to use, but can be complex for users who aren’t too tech savvy and wish to set up features like user presets and other customizations. Overall it is a very elegant looking remote with a luxurious feel to it. If the user is not tech savvy, they may need assistance with the advanced settings menu on the back.

Installation for the TOTO S550e is no more complex than any other bidet. Any individual relatively handy can install the washlet in about 20 minutes. All parts for conventional installation come with the unit. The TOTO S550e is compatible with all two piece elongated toilets, as well as with any elongated modern TOTO toilet. One thing to note is that TOTO washlet come with top mounting bolts instead of the typical plastic bolt/nut setup of other bidet seats. Also, the mounting plate only accepts a bolt distance of 5.5” instead of a range of 5”-7” like some other models.

Electrical Specifications
The TOTO S550e runs on a standard 15 amp 110/120 volt outlet perfectly fine. A dedicated circuit is not required so long as there’s no other heavy appliances on the same circuit. At its highest settings, the TOTO S550e will draw around 1444 watts during a wash. The seat will only draw this much power when all temperatures are set to maximum levels and while it is currently spraying - so maybe 5 minutes per day. It will only draw about 55 watts or less when idle. On average, an electronic bidet seat like the TOTO S550e will cost $30-$45 a year in electricity.

The most glaring con to these high end TOTO washlets is undoubtedly the price. It is built with excellent quality and the functions are great, but it does have a hefty price tag. At $1000 you can essentially purchase two other non-TOTO bidet seats that almost match the TOTO S550e in performance. So what are you paying for with TOTO? What you’re paying for with TOTO is brand name and some unique features like EWATER+ and an automatic open/close seat and lid. You are paying for the prestige and luxury aesthetic that only TOTO can bring. It is the “best money can buy”.
Mentioned earlier, the TOTO S550e’s heated seat is only capable of reaching temperatures of 97 degrees, while other luxury bidet seats go well into 100 degree temperatures without an issue. This may be a safety feature to prevent “low temperature burns”, but it’s a potential shortcoming for some users.
Lastly, TOTO products only carry a 1 year warranty. For such an expensive luxury item, the S550e should at least have the industry standard 3 years of coverage.

Why Should You Buy the TOTO S550e Washlet?
The TOTO S550e is all luxury, including its look and design. The design of the unit is perhaps the most streamlined as well as the best silhouetted. The S550e looks great on any toilet and definitely adds character to your toilet itself. Its unique feature like the EWATER+ and automatic lid and seat may be worth the extra dollars for those who only want the best and wish to add a “wow” factor to their bathroom. TOTO revolutionized this market, has spent the most on research and development, and has set the gold standard with the S550e.

Other Models to Consider
- The identical model without the automatic lid and seat: TOTO S500e Washlet SW3046
- Bidet seats with a stronger spray: Bio Bidet BB-2000, Bio Bidet BB-1000
- Bidet seats of high quality available in Round: Brondell Swash 1400, Kohler Novita BH-90, Alpha JX
- Another bidet seat with an automatic lid and seat: Kohler Novita BH-90

The TOTO s550e Washlet from comes in a 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty (from date of purchase).

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Richard Stith
I didn't know what I was missing

I'm thrilled with my new Toto S550e Washlet! I had no idea how comfortable it would be and I'm so happy I decided to try one. I'm thinking of buying more for my other bathrooms! I wish the seat opening were slightly larger (I'm a big guy) and that the bowl light stayed on when the seat is raised, but otherwise I'm extremely happy!

Tom Clarke
Toto Washlet

Tremendous product, easy to order, delivered quickly!

Jon & Tyra
Wonderful Bidet Seat

We are so happy with our purchase!


I bought this for my husband as a Christmas present and we BOTH love this washlet! It is super easy to use, easy to install and sturdy. We also love how clean you feel and how pleasant it is to sit on a warm seat in the middle of the night (plus you can't beat that soft light that makes it easy to find your way). I wish we had done this years ago as you feel very clean and the added bonus is that toilet paper lasts about 5x longer!! Thank you for having a great website too that makes it easy to research, measure and find the right product.

Jimmy Butler


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