TOTO S500e Washlet SW3046, SW3044

TOTOSKU: SW3046#01
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Color: White
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Lid Style: Contemporary (In Stock)
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The TOTO S500e Washlet is a part of TOTO’s brand new lineup of industry leading bidet toilet seats.It features a new slim design with two difference lid designs: contemporary and classic. The remote control is also updated with a touch pad style and features radio sensory frequency. They are only available in the Elongated size at this time.

The TOTO S500e washlet is different from the S550e washlet in that it lacks the automatic opening/closing lid and LED nightlight features. It is otherwise identical.

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS


SW3046#01 Washlet S500e Contemporary Design Cotton White, Elongated

SW3046#12 Washlet S500e Contemporary Design Sedona Beige, Elongated

SW3044#01 Washlet S500e Classic Design Cotton White, Elongated

SW3044#12 Washlet S500e Classic Design Sedona Beige, Elongated

toto washlet classic contemporary

Since TOTO launched the washlet in the 1980s, they have always had a sense for quality with an emphasis in design. The new Toto Washlet S500e is no exception, boasting two distinct designs and all of the great features TOTO has presented in its past predecessors.

TOTO’s two new washlet styles are the contemporary and the classic. These two designs allow for variety and a more custom look to your toilet, all while providing a suburb, quality experience. The contemporary lid boasts a smooth, flat surface with clean lines that is excellent for more modern décor. The classic lid on the other hand, sports an embellished beveled lid that is better suited for traditionally styled toilets and bathroom décor (like the Kohler Memoirs collection).

The TOTO S500e is loaded with quality features from its adjustable spray pressure and nozzle position, to separate soft and hard washes, and the popular Ewater+ mist.  TOTO continues its tradition of great quality in the S500e, boasting a sturdy build, high end design, and amazing features.

One of the TOTO s500e washlet’s great features is its soothing/strong dual action aerated stream. The front and rear sprays each have two difference modes, soft or hard depending on your preference.  While TOTO washlet’s do not have the strongest sprays on the market, they are very comfortable. This stream is able to be adjusted in 5 different positions and 5 different pressures, all while producing consistent heat temperature of up to 104 degrees.  The TOTO S500e tankless water heating system produces unlimited warm water for extensive comfortable washing.

While on the subject of comfort, the TOTO washlet has pulsing and oscillating functions that are excellent for comfort and provide a unique feel to one’s experience.  Oscillate the nozzle for a wider cleaning area that almost simulates a wiping motion with the water stream. Pulse the spray for more stimulation and help with constipation, or simply to relax before or after bowel movement. Whatever your preference, the TOTO S500e will not let you down during your trip to the restroom.

You want to talk about technology? TOTO’s newest lineup has you covered. One unique feature that Toto is known for is Ewater+.  Ewater+ is a fun feature that mists your toilet bowl with electrolyzed water between uses. This happens after each use and every 8 hours of being idle for maintenance and helps disinfect your toilet bowl.  The new S500e washlet also cleans the nozzle with eWater+.  This happens pre-wash and post-wash, assuring users get the cleanest wash possible.

A bit of wash customization is always welcomed, and the s500e caters to that as well. This washlet has two user presets allowing it to save spray pressure, water temp, and nozzle position settings for two people.

The S500e washlet features a brand new remote control design. Its striking design with stainless style finish feels great in the hand. Like the last generation, the remote control is dual sided.  One side has the basic functions while the other allows for more fine tuning and advanced settings.  Most functions are handled on one side and they are all very simple to operate.

This S500e is rounded out with all of the typical luxury bidet seat features such as a slow closing seat and lid, air deodorizer to reduce bathroom odor, power saving modes to keep the power bill, and many more amazing features.


Features and Functions

Gentle Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action Cleansing Spray
The main function of the WASHLET w/ soft and hard sprays.

Instant Water Heating System
For continuous warm water and energy saving.

Convenient Slim Wireless Remote Control
Wall mountable with illuminated touch pad.

Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure
Select the temperature and pressure that's right for you.

Oscillating or Pulsating Functions
For maximum comfort, take advantage of the oscillating or pulsating spray patterns.

Hands Free Dryer
Warm air drying with adjustable temperature (5 levels).

Rear Spray (Soft)
A soft, comfortable spray.

Rear Cleanse (Hard)
Warm water spray with adjustable water temperature and pressure.

Wide Front Spray (Soft) 
A spray with a larger radius to cover more space.

Front Cleanse (Hard)
Warm water spray with adjustable water temperature and pressure.

Heated Seat
Comforting, warm seat.

Eco-friendly, electrolyzed water spray that keeps the bowl cleaner.

Self-cleaning Wand
Wand is cleaned before and after every use.

Automatic Air Deodorizer
Air is filtered to help remove odor.

Water spray that wets the bowl before use.

User Presets
Save settings for 2 users.



Power Rating AC 120 V 60 Hz
Power Consumption 1288W
Max Power
Power Cord Length 3.94 ft (1.2 m)
Spray Volume Rear Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Rear Soft Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Front Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Wide Front Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Spray Features Adjustable Surface Temp:
86 – 104 ºF (30 – 40 ºC)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Warm Air
Dryer Features
Adjustable Air Temp:
95 – 140 ºF (35 – 60 ºC)
Air?ow Volume:
10.24 ft3/min (0.29 m3/min)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Heated Seat
Adjustable Surface Temp:
82 – 97 ºF (28 – 36 ºC)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Water Supply
7.25 PSI (Dynamic)
108.75 PSI (Static)
Ambient Temp. 32 – 104 ºF (0 – 40 ºC)
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight 16 lbs
23-1/2"L x 18-1/2"W x 6-1/2"H


Fitment Guide 

washlet fitment


Download Product Sheets

Spec Sheet (s500e / SW3046 / SW3044)


The TOTO S500e Washlet from comes in a 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty (from date of purchase).

Fitment and Installation Guides

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great seat!.

Going to the bathroom after someone else just left leaves a no-stinky room. This is refreshing and what I noticed first since I installed the Toto S500e seat. I am glad we have on now - if we experience another stupid paper shortage, I am not worried. This seat does well; the drying takes too long so I use two sheets for drying. I am now buying another one for upstairs.

Great product

Great idea and we love it a year later but...having issues with the touch pad, doesn’t work as well as it use to—anyone else having issues or just us?!!?!!

good product

Bought Toto s500e washer about 3 months ago.
Easy to install, maybe a half hour. It does require an outlet close to the toilet; I had already moved one there earlier. Installation instructions and operating manual clear. The water pressure is variable, based on individual choice. Multiple choices for water pressure, air blower temperature, addition of bubbles for a bubble bath like experience. Air blower works well but takes time to fully dry. My wife from Asia doesn't mind wet butt syndrome but since I'm from USA and spoiled, I do not like a wet or semi wet butt, accordingly, it takes about 5 min of air blowing, during which I read the news. No issues so far. The seat can be heated but it got way too warm and the heat is always on, which adds to the expense, so I just shut off that option. I have not seen how it works yet in the winter. My wife likes the feminine wash aspect "a lot". It's a high priced product that isn't needed but now that we have ir we'd replace it once it breaks.

The Future is Now

After my ailing stepfather purchased a bidet 10 years ago to help with his personal hygiene, I became hooked on this new feature in our household. The “old way” of cleaning up after a bowel movement immediately seemed so outdated! So when my wife and I bought our new home, a bidet was first on my list as an essential add-on.
This model is everything I could’ve wanted it to be: Easy to install, easy to use, well-made, easy to clean, a trusted brand name, and most importantly- efficient and enjoyable in achieving its function.
The purchase through bidet king was a breeze and it ended up shipping much sooner than anticipated.
Highly recommended.

Great Bidet and Best Price

We have been wanting a bidet for several years now but were never motivated to pull the trigger on actually buying one. With toilet paper being scarce during 2020 we decided to research and invest in a bidet. After finding the right bidet for us, we searched for the best price and came across BidetKing. They had the best price as well as quick shipping. We would recommend this bidet as well as BidetKing to anyone looking to purchase a bidet.

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