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Bio Bidet discovery dlx

The Bio Bidet Discovery DLX is the latest bidet toilet combination from Bio Bidet.  Beyond its modern design, the Discovery DLX is loaded with high end bidet technology including motorized seat / lid, UV sterilization, kick control, and more.  

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS


With the Discovery DLX, Bio Bidet is focusing on modern design cues and a minimalist approach.  The DLX has soft curves and a low profile upper half that creates a beautiful silhouette.  Its design is fully skirted so its easy to clean and the water and electrical components can mostly be hidden in its rear compartment to create a seamless look. Its blue LED nightlight adds a dramatic flair that most modern bidets now feature.  The Discovery DLX's special kick button also has a blue LED light to help you find it when the bathroom is dark.

The Discovery DLX's remote control is similar to the Discovery DLS bidet seat remote with a two sided approach.  On the front, you'll find the basic operations like rear wash, front wash, dryer, flush and stop.  On the back, you'll find the fine tuning adjustments and special functions like the dynamic stream.  Along the top of the remote, you have the seat and lid controls. 

Features and Functions

The Bio Bidet DLX offers the full plethora of modern bidet functionality as you would expect from a luxury bidet toilet combination.  Its rear wash has generous spray pressure and a tankless water heater for endless warm water.  Like the DLS, the DLX warm air dryer is strong, one of the strongest we've tested here at  

The Discovery DLX features a tankless flushing mechanism that automatically flushes when you stand up.  It can also be controlled via the remote control.  The DLX also has a few unique features that set it apart from the field:

  • Kick Control - this unique button at the base of the toilet is meant to be kicked.  Doing so will perform a series of functions, in order, depending on how many times you kick it.  First kick = raising the lid, Second kick = raising the seat, Third kick = flushing the toilet. 
  • UV Sterilization - a nice feature that provides added peace of mind that the nozzle assembly remains hygienic between uses.  A UV light will sanitize the nozzle for about 3 minutes after each use
  • Seat and lid can be opened and closed via buttons on the remote control or via the kick button. However, the DLX does not have a proximity sensor

Bio Bidet DLX Smart Toilet Features List:

  • Motorized Seat and Lid
  • Rear Wash
  • Front Feminine Wash
  • Oscillation and Pulse Modes
  • Warm Water
  • Auto Flush*
  • Kick Flush*
  • Dynamic Stream
  • Advanced Water Heating System
  • UV Sterilization
  • Wireless Remote
  • Auto Touchless Flushing
  • Adjustable Heated Seat
  • Deodorizer
  • Intelligent Body Sensor
  • Enhanced Air Dryer (3 Stage)
  • Quick Release for Easy Cleaning
  • Tankless Body
  • Automatic Power Save
  • LED Nightlight
  • 5 Year Premier Warranty



discovery dlx specs


The Bio Bidet Discovery DLX is covered by a 5 year full manufacturer's warranty that covers 100% of parts and labor costs from the date of purchase. 


User manual (.pdf)

Quick guide (.pdf)


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Works as expected. Could use a little more room on the side hatches to access bolts for installation.

Matthew V.
Worst Bidet Toilet I've Ever Owned

I've been a connoisseur of integrated bidet toilets for years. This toilet is simply badly designed and implemented and is a constant frustration to use.

The primary design flaw is in the flushing of the toilet itself. This toilet requires a full 65 PSI of pressure to flush at all and if your pressure drops below that because you're using any other fixture in the house, it will simply not flush, not even completely clean with no matter in the toilet. Even if you do have a full 65 PSI, the flush is so weak, you can only use a single piece of toilet paper or it simply won't flush.

The design flaw in the electronics of the toilet is how the remote works with the combination of the flush and the bidet feature. You can only ever select a single option at a time and must wait for that option to completely finish (or at least completely start) to be able to select a 2nd option. I can't press "flush" then "bidet". Once I press "flush" I must wait for the toilet to flush and completely fill up before I can press the bidet feature. Makes it so I end up having to sit there waiting half the time I'm using the toilet cause I've gotta flush 4 times each time I use it and wait for it to completely finish before I can even start the bidet feature which stops the second I flush the toilet (untrue of every other bidet toilet I've bought).

I have 2 other bidet toilets from Woodbridge only feet away on the same floor of my home that cost 50% less than this toilet and they function perfectly at all times, even with low pressure. No flush issues whatsoever and I can flush and bidet at the same time with no problems.

I wish I could return this toilet and get the Woodbridge B0970S. I would in a heartbeat.

Functioned for less than a year

We absolutely loved everything about the Discovery DLX until it no longer flushed, less than one year of owning. Our plumber ($$$) and Biobidet support established that it was an issue with the technology. Biobidet has been absolutely horrible to work. It has now been weeks of waiting for replacement. We were going to purchase additional Biobidet units for our other properties, but now know better than to work with this brand. (BidetKing has been wonderful)

michael deutsch
Does not work as well as it looks

We had already a BioBidet Bidet-Toilet combination, the Prodigy 770, which is a great product, but it looks a bit sizable, so we wanted something a bit slimmer or lower profile. The BioBidet Discover DLX is a great looking product, low profile, nice curves, etc. That is where the impressive ends.

The product seems to have been designed for men since its big feature is to kick a button at the front bottom of the toilet, to raise the seat cover and the seat, (so the guys can do their standing session), and then to kick again to flush the toilet.
You cannot flush the toilet while sitting, which is completely ridiculous, and the flush is Weak, not even close to the Prodigy 770; so get used to wasting lots of water. For customer service get in habit for waiting on the line. Because of the nature of the product, it's not returnable either...

Jared E.

Great product, great features. It was exactly what we were looking for. This was a major purchase and when we were deciding what model to get, we were a little apprehensive about the price. But it has delivered the value we paid for and we have no regrets.

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