Alpha UXT Pearl Bidet Toilet Combination

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The Alpha UXT Pearl is the next generation bidet toilet combination from Alpha Bidet. Blending the latest in luxury bidet features into a high performing tankless toilet with Alpha Bidet design cues to boot - the UXT Pearl is the bidet you've been dreaming about.

uxt royal

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS


As an extension of Alpha Bidet's popular UX Pearl luxury bidet seat, the UXT Pearl carries the same avant-garde design principles with sharp curves and luxury flair.  It features both an in-bowl LED nightlight plus a unique halo LED around its side control knob. Its upper half is ultra slim with a glossy finish that's both attractive and easy to clean.  Its lower half is a fully skirted, vitreous china toilet with a rear compartment that can hide the water supply hose and electrical cord.  It uses a standard 12" rough-in distance and installs over a standard toilet flange for straightforward installation in most bathrooms. 

uxt rotate

Under the lid you'll find an elongated seat with a flat, wide seating area that's designed for durability and comfort.  The UXT Pearl's motorized arms are built with sturdy, polished stainless steel while the rest of the upper half uses an anti-microbial polypropylene.  

The remote control is designed for ease of use with clear buttons, text and shortcut functions.  The remote control is slim and comes with a magnetic wall mount for easy installation.  

Advanced Bidet Technology

The Alpha UXT Pearl is packed with the same next generation bidet features as the UX bidet seat. It's powered by an energy efficient, tankless water heating system that provides endless, on demand warm water with consistent temperatures, minimal lag and easy adjustment. An integrated air pump gives the cleansing spray a comfortable feeling and added boost in pressure.  At the highest setting, the UXT Pearl's spray pressure is above average and provides an effective cleansing experience. A warm air dryer, heated seat, deodorizer, bowl sanitizer, and a plethora of customizable, automatic functions round out the rest of the features.


Automatic Lid and Seat - a proximity sensor can be enabled to automatically open and close the lid when you approach or leave the toilet.  Otherwise, the seat and lid can be raised or lowered via buttons or foot sensor.

uxt open lid uxt close lid

Arced Stainless Steel Nozzle - a uniquely curved, self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle.  The curvature of the nozzle minimizes contamination and splash-back, while also providing better reach during a front wash.

LED Nightlight - a soft white in-bowl LED nightlight adds flair and increases safety during nighttime bathroom trips.  The light can be configured to either remain always on, or only on when the bathroom is dark - thanks to its intelligent ambient light sensor.

Pure Breeze Bowl Sanitizer -  utilizing an air plasma generator, the Pure Breeze function sanitizes and freshens your toilet bowl by circulating ion particles. The result is safe and effective odor and bacteria control inside your bowl between uses. 

Photocatalyst Deodorizer - unlike other models that require replaceable carbon cartridges, the UXT Pearl uses a photocatalytic reaction to safely neutralize odors. Less unpleasant smells, less maintenance.

2 User Presets – the remote control features 2 user profiles that can be programmed to store spray pressure, nozzle position, and temperature settings.  

EASY WASH – the remote control features an Alpha Bidet exclusive EASY WASH button that activates a full pressure rear wash with nozzle oscillation.  This button is perfect for folks who want the best possible clean without having to adjust any settings.  

AUTO WASH & DRY – the special AUTO WASH & DRY button on the remote control will activate a full rear wash sequence, stop, and then a full drying cycle and then stop—all at the press of a single button. The user's specific spray pressure, nozzle position, and temperature settings can also be stored for a true "one button" experience. 

uxt curtains

Toilet Features and Functions

The Alpha UXT Pearl is full of luxury bidet features, but its toilet functions are no slouch either.  Watersense certified, the UXT has a 1.28 gpf, 2-stage flushing action. During a flush, the initial stage removes the bulk of the waste while the second stage finishes the job and seals the drain.  There's also a bowl pre-rinse system that will moisten the toilet bowl when you first sit down to prevent waste from sticking.  

The flush itself can be activated in a multitude of ways depending on your preference. 

  • Automatic flushing once the user leaves the toilet
  • Flushing via button on the remote control
  • Flushing via foot sensor 
  • Flushing via side control knob

NOTE: the UXT Pearl includes a 1/2" angle valve and supply hose that should be used for optimal flushing performance.

The UXT Pearl also features a multi function foot sensor near its base.  Tap the sensor once to raise the lid. Tap it a second time to raise the seat. Tap it a third time to flush the toilet.  Done in sequence, this creates a completely hands-free experience.

    Alpha UXT Pearl Full Feature List:

    • Automatic, Motorized Seat and Lid
    • Automatic Flushing 1.28gpf
    • 2 Stage Flushing Action
    • Bowl Pre-Rinse
    • Multi Function Foot Sensor
    • Rear Wash
    • Front Feminine Wash
    • Wireless Remote Control w/ Wall Mount
    • Nozzle Oscillation
    • Warm Air Dryer w/ Adjustable Temp
    • Heated Seat w/ Adjustable Temp
    • 2 Programmable User Presets
    • Photocatalyst Deodorizer
    • Pure Breeze Bowl Sterilization
    • Backlit Side Control Knob
    • Seat Sensor
    • Pulse Spray
    • Adjustable Nozzle Position
    • Adjustable Water Temp
    • Adjustable Spray Pressure
    • LED Nightlight
    • Power Saving Mode
    • Stainless Steel Wash Nozzle
    • Self-Cleaning Nozzle
    • 1 Touch Programmable Auto Wash & Dry 
    • 1 Touch Easy Wash (Full Pressure Rear Wash w/ Oscillation) 



     certifications watersense

    The Alpha UXT Pearl has gone through rigorous independent laboratory testing and received quality certifications for both commercial and residential applications. 

    • In compliance with the following code(s): Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), National Plumbing Code of Canada
    • In compliance with the following standard(s): ASME A112.4.2-2015/CSA B45.16-15 (R2020), UL 1431, 3rd Edition, CSA C22.2 No. 68-18, CSA C22.2 No. 64-19



    uxt dimensions




    Main Unit

    Rated voltage

    110V-120V, 50/60Hz

    Rated power


    Water proof


    Power cord length

    About 7ft


    Flush volume

    1.28 gpf

    Flushing mode

    Siphonic jet



    Outlet outside diameter


    Drainage method


    Water pressure range

    0.18 MPa (dynamic pressure, flow rate of 5.81+ gal/min or 22.0+ L/min) - 0.8 MPa (static pressure)

    Cleaning device

    Heating mode

    On demand

    Heating power


    Water temperature

    5-level adjustment

    Water volume

    3-level adjustment

    Cleaning mode

    Rear wash / Oscillating Front wash / Oscillating

    Nozzle position

    5-level adjustment

    Water pressure protector

    Pressure maintaining device, Automatic pressure relief device


    Anti-siphon device, air gap anti-backflow

    Safety device

    Thermal fuse, Water temperature sensor, Ground protection, Thermostat, Over temperature protection, Leakage protection plug

    Drying device

    Warm air volume

    Over 0.2m3 /min

    Warm air temperature

    6-level adjustment

    Heating power


    Safety device

    Thermal fuse, Temperature sensor, Thermostat


    Deodorization method


    Heated seat

    Surface temperature Heating power

    Burn protection

    6-level adjustment


    After 10 minutes of use, the seat temperature will automatically drop slowly to a low level

    Safety device

    Seat sensor, Temperature sensor, Thermostat, Thermal fuse, Leakage protection plug


    Night light assembly

    Intelligent, Always on, Always off

    User ID setting

    To avoid interference when used by multiple users

    Automatic flushing

    Automatic flushing after use

    Foot sensor flushing function

    Foot sensor flushing

    Flushing during power failure

    Battery backup (9V)

    Lid opening

    Lid auto-open



    The Alpha UXT Pearl is covered by a 3 year full manufacturer's warranty that covers 100% of parts and labor costs from the date of purchase. 


    User and installation manual (.pdf)

    Remote control operation manual (.pdf)


    Fitment and Installation Guides

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Paulo DeOliveira

    Serendipity. Much better than I expected. I had no problem in the installation and works perfectly.

    A Major Upgrade from a manual bidet and regular toilet

    I've been dreaming of buying a bidet for quite awhile, but the price wasn't right for my budget until I found the Alpha Bidet brand. This toilet literally includes everything you could imagine and even has an auto flush feature. Looks great in person and very modern and sleek. I ordered it during the Black Friday sale on a weekend and it was shipped the next business day. Installed it on Thanksgiving day, I was able to use my existing valve and changed the existing braided hose with the small one that worked with my current valve. I know Alpha Bidet recommends using their valve but since installed it myself, I needed a professional to change it out. After following all the installation instructions, we had a bit a of a challenge with the mounting clips that wouldn't screw on since it was a bit too far from it, but we were able to guide it and it worked. I'm not a pro at this and this was my first time, took me about 2 hours to complete. Turned it on and everything worked. Water flow is strong and only takes one flush to get everything cleared. I wish there was an auto flush mode for non seated mode but the foot sensor comes in very handy. The remote control is very simple and not to complicated, my parents loved their first experience with this toilet. Looking forward to changing out the rest of our toilets in the future at the fraction of the price of the competitors.

    Bradford Patterson
    Finally a restful visit to the “John”!

    Arrived on time, smart looking, works like it says, never doing one’s visit to the look has been so pleasant. I only wish the water pressure was a bit stronger and that it had an enema function. Otherwise a smart buy compared to the big names!

    As good if not better than their Washlet we had for years

    We just moved into a new house, had 3 washlets Alpha Jx we had before that were great, and so when we saw the combo was now available, we took the ‘plunge,’ and ordered 3 for the new place. As we hoped, it far exceeded our expectations, easy install, more functions, and worth its competitive pricing. Certainly better than others we had in prior house including a competitors combo (oz dog) that was 2.5x the price. Stop looking…. This is the one!

    Steven C
    Easy to install, wife happy

    My handyman said the install was straightforward since we already had an outlet put in near the toilet. We've had it installed about 2 weeks now and the wife is very pleased. Did not want an automatic lid but now that it's here I can see the convenience of it. Warm seat, comfortable spray and the flush works fine.

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