Can a Bidet Seat Really Improve My Hygiene?

New bidet seat buyers often ask the question: can a bidet seat really improve my hygiene? The answer is an unequivocal yes! Bidet seats can not only improve your hygiene, but can also save you some money while doing so. But, before you start using your new bidet you should know how to best use your bidet seat to make sure it is cleaning you as efficiently and effectively as possible.

 In this article we’ll discuss how your bidet seat can improve your hygiene, how it can save you money, and how to properly use it to ensure you are fully clean and hygienic. So, how can a bidet seat improve your hygiene? Let’s break it down. 

Improving Bathroom Hygiene

Using a bidet seat improves your hygiene in many ways. One way it does this is by eliminating the need to wipe with toilet paper to clean yourself after having a bowel movement or when you have finished urinating. Toilet paper essentially spreads solids when wiping and, although it does remove a good amount of residue, it does not completely clean you. A bidet seat’s nozzle spray, on the other hand, will completely clean you and remove all residue from your underside. This has the added benefit of saving you money from a decrease in toilet paper usage! 

You have a variety of pressure settings and nozzle positions to ensure you are left with a clean bottom. To ensure you are left completely clean you will want to make sure you are properly seated on the bidet seat. This is done by sitting as far back as possible and, if need be, slightly shifting your body while using the wash cycle. Most users find that one wash cycle is enough to thoroughly clean them but it is not uncommon for some users to require a second wash cycle to finish the job. Users can use a few sheets of toilet paper to dry themselves and make sure they are completely clean after finishing their wash cycle, or, use the warm air dryer for a completely paper-free experience.

Improving Hygiene for Women

Women can especially benefit from using a bidet seat as most models come with a front feminine wash. This is a different wash cycle from the rear wash and is made specifically to clean further forward and closer to a female body parts.  This has the benefit of giving a full, gentle wash while also decreasing the likelihood of a urinary tract infection from occurring. Pregnant and postpartum women will find this especially useful. The combination of the rear wash and front feminine wash can ensure a woman is completely clean front and back! 

Improving Hygiene for Seniors

With old age, for many, comes a decrease in flexibility and mobility. This can be an issue for seniors when they go to the bathroom as reaching around or underneath themselves can prove to be rather difficult. It is not uncommon for a senior to unknowingly miss a spot when wiping or leave some residue after believing they have completely finished wiping. This can lead to a variety of issues ranging from rashes to infections (UTI’s) and even the possibility of spreading disease. 

With a  bidet seat, senior users can rest easy knowing  they will be fully and effectively cleaned after having gone to the restroom. Some bidet seat models even have spray functions that are designed with seniors in mind. One such function is a wide spray function. This type of spray will, as the name implies, spray a wider stream of water during the wash cycle and as such, will  cover more surface area and ensure that the user is left with a clean bum and/or front side. 

Another useful feature designed for seniors and/or those with constipation issues is an enema spray function. The enema function is a stronger, more concentrated stream of water that can help you achieve a more thorough clean and can help alleviate constipation.  

Conclusion and Recommendations 

Owning a bidet seat allows you and your family to leave the old ways of cleaning yourself in the past and brings you to a more modern, hygienic way of cleaning oneself after using the toilet. Many bidet seat users consider their bidet an absolutely essential part of their lives and have a hard time going back to using only toilet paper. A bidet seat will really improve your life in ways you never thought possible! 

Some bidet seat models we recommend which meet all the criteria for a luxury bidet are: