Bidet Toilet Seat 101: Enema Function

Bidet seats have a plethora of great features designed to keep you clean and sanitary after every use of your toilet. Among these great features is that of an enema spray. The enema function works by pressing a button on your remote, or side panel, wherein the nozzle will begin to spray water at a much stronger pressure than a usual wash cycle. The rate at which the enema function sprays varies from model to model but you can usually find that the enema spray is about 25-30% stronger than the average wash cycle spray. 

In addition to having a stronger spray pressure, the enema function also sprays a more concentrated, or narrow, spray which is non-aerated. Along with thoroughly cleaning your after having gone to the bathroom, a strong spray pressure, or enema function, can help alleviate issues with constipation. This is especially useful for senior users and/or those who have difficulties in regards to their bowel movements. As such, we highly recommend this feature for users who are looking for help with constipation.

Some bidet seat models that have an enema function are: