What to Look for When Buying a Bidet for a Large Family Household

Looking to purchase a bidet seat for you and your family? Do you have a large household? There are many bidet seat models available on our website containing great features, but some are better suited for larger families. 

In this article, we’ll break down which bidet seats we recommend for bigger families, the specific features included in these models that will benefit your large family, and how to best utilize these features to ensure you and your family get the best, luxury bidet seat experience. So, which features should you look for when choosing a bidet seat model for your family? Let’s break it down.

Sittable Lid 

A bidet seat model with a sittable lid is an absolute must if you have many people living in your home. Being able to support weights around 300 pounds, a sittable lid is great for households with children and senior users alike. Unlike traditional toilet seat lids, some bidet seat models do not have a sittable lid. This means they are not meant to support someone seated on top of the closed lid. These models are not the best option for families with children or seniors as these are the two groups that most often utilize a closed lid as a seat. Over time, this can cause cracks and damage the lid structure.

Bidet seats with a sittable lid, as the name implies, can be safely sat upon whether you’re bathing a child in a nearby tub or grandpa uses it as an extra seat in the bathroom. They’re also great for households that host a lot of guests.

User Presets 

Another great feature you should look for in a bidet seat is user presets. This feature will allow you and your family to have access to two user profiles that save the spray pressure setting, seat temperature setting, water temperature setting, and nozzle position. For instance, the children and/or seniors of the household may desire a more gentle spray pressure and a nozzle position further forward, and as such can use one of the two user presets to save their preferred spray pressure settings and nozzle position. 

This saves time and headache as they will not need to fumble through the different settings and modes to get to their preferred spray pressure, water temperature, seat temperature, or nozzle position. When someone other than a child or senior is needing to use the bidet seat, they can simply press their user profile and have instant access to their preferred bidet settings. 

Child Mode

For families with children in the household, a bidet seat with a child mode setting is recommended. Child mode turns down all the settings on a bidet seat to accommodate a child and ensure they are most comfortable when using the bidet. This is done by decreasing the spray pressure to a more gentle spray, decreasing the seat and water temperature to a warm but gentle temperature, and moving the nozzle position forward. This is all to ensure the child using the bidet is not overwhelmed by a strong spray pressure, hot seat or water spray. 

One Button Wash n’ Dry

Another useful feature is the one-button Wash n’ Dry function. This useful feature allows a user to, by simply pressing one button, have instant access to the rear wash and warm air dryer. When pressed, the Wash n’ Dry function will activate a rear wash cycle. Upon completion of the wash cycle, the warm air dryer will automatically turn on and dry you. 

This is a useful feature as some users, children and seniors in particular, can have some difficulty in navigating the settings on the remote or side panel. The Wash n’ Dry button remedies this with a single press of the button. 

Other Options to Consider 

Large family households should also consider looking into purchasing multiple bidet seats for their home. This is a great option as one of the bidet seats can be installed in the master bathroom and one in a guest or secondary bathroom. The master bathroom can have a higher end model featuring all the functions and comforts associated with a higher end model, while the guest restroom can have a more budget friendly model, lacking some higher end features but still very capable.

Another consideration should be to include a bidet seat with a side panel, as opposed to a wireless remote control, for bathrooms frequently used by children. A side panel bidet seat will eliminate any possibility of a child playing with or losing the remote control.  

Bidet Seats We Recommend for Large Family Households

  • Alpha UX Pearl
    • Sittable lid
    • User Presets
    • One Button Wash n’ Dry 
  • Alpha GXR Wave
    • Sittable Lid
    • Child Mode
  • Alpha GX Wave
    • Sittable Lid
    • Child Mode
    • Side Panel 
  • Brondell Swash 1400 
    • Sittable Lid
    • User Presets
    • One Button Wash n’ Dry