Bidet Toilet Seat 101: Auto Open/Close Seat & Lid

Did you know that some bidet seat models have an auto open/close seat and lid function? Found on a few higher end models, the auto open/close seat and lid function, like the name implies, automatically opens your bidet’s lid and/or seat when needed and closes it after you have finished using the toilet. The bidet seat will have a motion sensor that will automatically open your lid and/or seat when you walk up to it. You can program your bidet seat to open just the lid or open both the lid and the seat when you approach it. 

When you are done using the bidet seat, the lid and/or seat, depending on how you have it programmed, will automatically close after 1 minute of inactivity. This feature is great for users who have mobility and/or flexibility issues, especially stemming from a post operation. The benefit and luxury of having a bidet seat that automatically opens and closes when needed is unmatched in the world of bidets. Those who do not have any mobility or flexibility issues can still find great use in this feature as it can prove to be a sort of ‘wow’ factor for guests using your bidet seat and can really elevate yours and your guests' bathroom experience.

Some models that include an open/close seat and lid are:

  • Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
  • Kohler Novita BH- 90/93
  • TOTO S550e Washlet