Can A Bidet Seat Really Save Me Money?

First time bidet seat buyers can sometimes get intimidated by a bidet’s high price tag. Many customers find themselves asking the question: “why do I need a $500 toilet seat?” This is a logical question and one that we get asked a lot here at BidetKing. Well, what if we told you that your $500 bidet toilet seat might actually save you money in the long run? In this article we’ll discuss how a bidet seat can save you money, which models we recommend, and tips on how to utilize your bidet seat to save as much money as possible! So with all this said, let's get into it. 

How A Bidet Seat Can Save You Money

When factoring in how much one spends on bathroom necessities, it can sometimes be hard to add up everything bought over the years. Purchasing a large pack of toilet paper and sanitary wipes every month may not seem like a lot in the short run, but given a long enough timeline, the costs really do start adding up. Throughout the course of one’s life, the average person in the United States will spend over $11,000 on toilet paper. A further $9,000 is spent on baby wipes. Furthermore, people in the US spend, on average, nearly $200 on toilet paper every year. This is a considerable amount of money that is literally being flushed down the toilet. 

A bidet seat can drastically cut down on these numbers. Although a bidet seat  doesn’t always completely eliminate the need for toilet paper or sanitary wipes, it absolutely decreases it. We’ve found that bidet seat users reduce their toilet paper usage by 70-80% on average. For those looking to eliminate 100% of toilet paper, it’s also possible by using a bidet’s warm air drying feature. That adds up to a lifetime's savings of almost $10,000 worth of toilet paper! A number one should certainly not scoff at. 

Nominal Electricity Use

Another common concern among first time bidet seat buyers is that of power consumption. Luckily, our eclectic bidet seats are engineered in a way that allows its users to control just how much electricity is used when the bidet is in use. Bidet seats in the US run on 110V electricity to power their onboard water heaters, seat warmers, and other functions. The seat warmer and water heater can both be adjusted to various temperatures and the amount of electricity used can be greatly affected. For example, a single user of a bidet seat that does not turn on the seat warmer and sets the water temperature to low will consume significantly less power than a family of four that uses the highest temperature settings.  

Newer bidet models that utilize tankless water heating systems and energy saving functions will reduce their electrical draw even more. Due to all these variables, the actual cost of operating a bidet toilet seat can vary greatly from user to user. According to our studies, we’ve found that the average cost to operate a bidet seat for a family of 4 can range between $20-$60 per year. 

Average Bidet Seat Lifespan

An important factor to consider when calculating whether a bidet seat can save you money is the average lifespan for a bidet seat. Good quality bidet seats, like those found here at Bidet King, should last anywhere from 6-9 years on average. With proper care, we’ve even seen some seats go the distance to 12+ years! 

Bidet Seats We Recommend

So, with all this said, here are some energy efficient bidet seats we recommend which are sure to save you money in the long run! 

  1. Alpha UX Pearl 
  2. Alpha JX
  3. Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
  4. Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss
  5. TOTO C5