Bidet Toilet Seat 101: Pulse Mode

Did you know that some bidet seat models have a pulse mode feature? This useful feature transforms your rear wash cycle into a massage function by quickly alternating the strength of the nozzle’s water stream back and forth from a high pressure to a low pressure. Thus, creating a pulsating/massage sensation when in use. Some users find that using the pulse mode helps with stimulating their anus which can help facilitate a bowl movement. The pulse mode can also help users with soothe pain stemming from hemorrhoids. 

This is a useful feature for users looking for a more luxurious and comfort oriented experience on their bidet seat. The pulse mode is not intended as a replacement for the full rear wash cycle but rather as a complimenting feature aimed at increasing the luxury bidet experience. However, some users may find that the pulse mode on their bidet seat will sufficiently clean them while other users will need to use the rear wash function as their primary cleaning function and use the pulse mode as a complimentary wash. 

Some models that have a pulse mode function are: