Best Tank Type Bidet Seats

When looking to purchase a bidet seat, not everyone wants or needs a bidet with unlimited warm water. Some customers are more than happy with a bidet seat that has a wash cycle which  provides one minute of warm water. The reasons for not needing or wanting unlimited warm water can range from living in a warm temperate area where it is warm nearly all year long, to preferring a cold wash cycle. 

Whatever the case, a tank type bidet is a great option for those not needing endless warm water during their wash cycles. And, although tank type bidet seats are usually more affordable than their tank type or hybrid type bidet counterparts, many tank type bidet seats are not lacking in great features. In this article, we’ll break down which tank type bidet seats we believe are the best in their class and the features included in these models. 

Best Tank Types Bidet Seats 

  • Alpha GXR Wave 
  • First on our list for best tank type bidet seats is the budget friendly Alpha GXR Wave. This customer favorite model packs a lot of great and useful features such as a warm air dryer, heated seat, pulse mode, child mode, nozzle sterilization, wireless remote control, and a Rear+ feature. 

    Along with these features, customers will find that the seat temperature, water temperature, nozzle position, and spray pressure are all adjustable to ensure you are most comfortable when using the bidet seat. 

  • TOTO Washlet C5
  • Second on our list is the popular Washlet C5 by TOTO. This high tech bidet seat is chalk full of luxury features such as a gentle aerated warm water, dual action spray with oscillating and pulsating feature, warm air drying with three variable temperature settings, automatic air deodorizer, slim wireless remote control with illuminated touchpad, EWATER+, and TOTO’s exclusive PREMIST feature. 

  • Bio Bidet BB-1000
  • Another great model is the Bio Bidet BB-1000. This tank type bidet seat is a staple in the bidet seat industry and has been a customer favorite for many years. Including features such as a warm air dryer, heated seat, wireless remote control, deodorizer, massage feature, and enema function. 

    The BB-1000 has the strongest spray pressure amongst any bidet seat model, tankless or tank type, and is a great option for those who have issues with constipation. 

  • TOTO Washlet C2
  • Lastly, we have one of the newest models from TOTO, the Washlet C2. Its features include a warm air dryer, heated seat, gentle aerated, warm water, dual action spray with oscillating and pulsating feature. Also included is adjustable water temperature and volume, automatic air deodorizer, EWATER + auto cleaning nozzle, and PREMIST function.