TOTO WASHLET C2 SW3074#01, SW3073#01, SW3074#12

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Size: Elongated
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The TOTO WASHLET C2 Elongated Electric Bidet Toilet Seat with PREMIST delivers ecology-minded luxury with a streamlined design. The TOTO WASHLET C2 Elongated Electric Bidet Toilet Seat quickly provides comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button. Part of the newly redesigned C Series, the WASHLET C2 is fully automated, featuring a soft rear spray, rear cleanse, and front cleanse with the option of an oscillating stream.

The TOTO WASHLET C2 is the new and improved version of the TOTO WASHLET C100.  It features a new slimmer profile, EWATER+ and updated control panel.  EWATER+ mists the wand and bowl reducing the for cleaning chemicals.  The updated control panel allows for complete increased control.

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS


SW3074#01 C2 Elongated Cotton White

SW3073#01 C2 Round Cotton White

SW3074#12 C2 Elongated Sedona Beige

SW3073#12 C2 Round Sedona Beige

The controls are located on a convenient side panel. The PREMIST function sprays the bowl with water before each use, preventing waste buildup and keeping the toilet bowl clean.  The C2 WASHLET features a heated SoftClose seat with three temperature settings. The temperature and pressure of the water are adjustable with three temperature settings and five pressure settings. The WASHLET features an air deodorizer and a warm air dryer with three temperature settings.

Self-Cleaning Wand with EWATER+

After each flush, EWATER+ mists on the wand and toilet bowl, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals



- High-tech electronic bidet seat

- Concealed supply connection for a seamless installation

- Gentle Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action Spray with oscillating and pulsating feature

- Adjustable water temperature and volume

- Warm air drying with three variable temperature settings

- Automatic air deodorizer

- Convenient arm control panel

- Docking Station for easy to cleaning and installation

- Heated Seat with Temperature Control

- EWATER+ auto-cleans the wand

- Water PREMIST of bowl before each use



Power Rating AC 120 V 60 Hz
Power Consumption 403W
Max Power
Power Cord Length 3.93 ft (1.2 m)
Spray Volume Rear Cleansing:
0.07 – 0.11 gal/min
Rear Soft Cleansing:
0.07 – 0.11 gal/min
Front Cleansing:
0.08 – 0.11 gal/min
Spray Features Adjustable Surface Temp:
95 – 104 ºF (35 – 40 ºC)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Warm Air
Dryer Features
Adjustable Air Temp:
95 – 140 ºF (35 – 60 ºC)
Airflow Volume:
8.83 ft3/min (0.25 m3/min)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Heated Seat
Adjustable Surface Temp:
82 – 97 ºF (28 – 36 ºC)
Safety Device:
Temperature Fuse
Water Supply
7.25 PSI (Dynamic)
108.75 PSI (Static)
Ambient Temp. 32 – 104 ºF (0 – 40 ºC)
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight SW3074:
16.0 lbs
23-5/8"L x 20-3/4"W x 7-5/8"H


Product Spec Sheet


Users Manual

TOTO WASHLET C2 Users Manual



One year limited manufacturer warranty

Fitment and Installation Guides

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul Grannis Grannis
Just what we wanted

Works well. Lots of additional features but the most important aspect is that the basic function does what it is supposed to do.

This is a good unit, but just like shoes, some may fit better than others.

I have the privilege to use quite a few different brands/models. So I can give a comparison of this model over my Japan import (Lixil/Inax).

Seat heat - this unit puts out significantly higher temperature seat than my Lixil unit, would be great for cold bathrooms.

Seat fitment - being a 210lb man, I find the seat a little narrow. And I do get "pins and needles" on my leg if I linger a little too long on this unit - which I would only get on my Lixil unit after a MUCH longer time. So just like shoes/clothes, the Lixil model fits me better. However, unlike shoes/clothes, you can't really "try before you buy". So this is currently left completely up to chance. Also, it's worth noting the Lixil seat is thicker, and the C2 is built better by maintaining a thinner profile.

Spray nozzle - the C2 nozzle is slower to extend/retract than the Lixil, you'll have to "time" it by listening. While the forward/backward positioning is useful, I find it is slightly offset to the right. So I still need to do the 'bidet dance" (cue "Safety dance" music). The oscillation feature is also useful. However, I don't find the alternate hi-lo pressure feature useful at all.

Deodorizer fan - on my Lixil, the deodorizer fan comes on the moment you sit on it. For the C2, it only comes on if you press a button or after you are done and stand up.

Pre-spray function - this is one feature that my Lixil doesn't have and it does keep the bowl cleaner for longer.

Seal cleaning wand - The self cleaning feature is useful, and is automatic after every use.

Spray temperature and pressure - no issues here at all. Both are controllable. I have never used up the pre-heated stored hot water.

Heated dryer - Just like others, this is a feature I really don't use because it poses a little problem. First, you really should use this only after a flush -- to avoid blowing the "nice smells" all over yourself. Second, it just takes too long - so I would just use paper to dry off. Using paper also gives you a good "safeguard" in case the spray missed a spot.

Power cord length - the power cord was sufficient to reach my existing receptacle which is about 1 ft above my toilet tank.

Conclusion - there's nothing inherently bad or wrong, other than seat fitment for my personal preference (pins and needles). That's the only reason why I'm giving 4 stars.

Veronika Acosta

I was very happy with the ease of ordering and prompt shipment of the Toto bidet.

Ruby Leonard

Works well. Dryer is not very helpful as Im sure others are not helpful. Nonetheless the bidet is great.

Al C
Love Our Toto Washlets

We've been using out TOTO washlets for just over 3 years now and have been very pleased with their performance and their reliability. We initially purchased an E5xx for our master bath and now have two C100's and the new C2. The washlets all work well, the controls are simple to understand and the docking feature allows one-button removal from the toilet for cleaning. The controls on the C2 are consistent with our other washlets and are easy to understand for guests. I was also very leased with the quick delivery of our order from BidetKing. Must be shipped from local warehouses because we received ours just two days from our order and we live in SE Michigan. One thing we have been pleased about is that Toto seems to be constantly improving their products. It was difficult to seal the "T-Fitting" that supplies water to the Bidet on the early models. The new T-Fitting that is used on the C2 is much easier to install and seals perfectly. Our experience with Toto has been great.

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