4 Things to Consider When Buying a Bidet

First time bidet seat buyers can sometimes find themselves scratching their heads when trying to determine what exactly is required to install a bidet onto their toilet. There are many different makes and models of bidet seats with different price ranges and features. All these different options can be a little overwhelming. But not to fret, in this article we’ll break down what you need to consider when buying a bidet seat. 

1.) Fitment

One of the first things you need to consider when looking to buy a bidet seat is the size/type of toilet you have. Not all toilets are the same size or have the same dimensions so it is important to know if your toilet is compatible with a bidet seat. 

A two piece toilet is going to be the most compatible type of toilet while a one piece toilet will require you to take some measurements to ensure it will be able to accommodate a bidet seat. (A two piece refers to the toilet bowl and toilet tank being two separate pieces which are bolted down together whereas a one piece toilet has the bowl and tank as one seamless piece.) 

In order to install a bidet onto your toilet you will need to have at least 1.5 inches of space from the front of the tank to the seat/lid bolt holes.

2.) Shape of Bowl 

The shape or size of your bowl is the next parameter you should look at when determining compatibility. Toilet bowls come in two shapes/sizes; elongated and round. It is important to determine which size toilet bowl you have as choosing the wrong sized bidet seat for your toilet bowl will result in an irregular fitment. 

A toilet bowl is measured starting from the center of the seat/lid bolt holes to the front of the bowl. Elongated bowls have a measurement greater than 18" from the center of the bolt holes to the front of the bowl.  Round bowls have a shorter measurement, usually between 16.5" and 17.5".

For a more detailed description on how to measure your toilet and determine compatibility, have a look at our fitment guide.

3.) Features

Next, you will want to consider which features you’d like to have in your bidet seat. There are many different bidet seat options available with different features. Some bidet seats have unlimited warm water wash cycles while others have only 1 minute of warm water to use. Some have user presets and automatic open and close seats/lids. Choose the bidet seat which best suits your needs! 

For more information regarding the different features included in our bidets, have a look at our comparison chart.

4.) Price 

Lastly, you will want to consider pricing. We have a large selection of bidet seats with a wide range of prices on our website. A more budget friendly bidet seat will have some of the core features included in most of our bidets but may be lacking in more advanced features (ie: auto flush, auto open & close seat/lid, etc). 

Like with the features, compare and contrast different bidet seat models and choose one which has the features you like and is within your budget. Many of our bidet seats can be found for a reduced price when on sale and using a discount code will bring the price down even further!