Bidet Seat Myths: Battery Powered Bidet Seats

Some customers ask the question “are there any battery powered bidet seats?”. The answer, unfortunately, is no. Electric bidet seats require more power than batteries can provide. For instance, a tankless bidet seat model has a max power draw of 1400 watts in order to fully function. Even a tank type bidet seat will draw about 600 watts at its peak. Batteries are simply too weak to power an electric bidet seat in a meaningful way.  

An electric bidet seat needs to take cold incoming water, heat it, and then pump it through the spray nozzle with enough pressure to clean the user. This takes a lot of energy and thus an electrical outlet is needed.   

However, if you do not have access to an outlet or cannot have one installed near your toilet, there is always the option for a non-electric bidet seat. As the name implies, a non-electric bidet seat does not require an electrical connection or even batteries to function. It simply connects to your toilet's water connection and uses water pressure to activate the nozzle wash cycle. No batteries needed. 

Of course, being that the bidet is not connected to any power source, a non-electric bidet will lack the same features included in an electric bidet seat such as warm water, heated seat, and warm air dryer. But if you’re fine with a straightforward bidet seat with room temperature water wash cycles, a non-electric bidet seat is a great choice.