5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying a Bidet

Buying and using a bidet for the first time can be, and often is, a game changer in one's bathroom experience. Many BidetKing customers often say they wish they had bought a bidet seat sooner. In this article we’ll list the top 5 things customers have said they wish they knew before buying a bidet.

  • A Cleaner Experience
  • After buying their first bidet, customers find that a bidet seat leaves them feeling much cleaner and more fresh compared to using traditional toilet paper. The increase in cleanliness and sanitation is definitely a feeling felt by nearly all of our customers.

  • How Much Toilet Paper I Would Save
  • Customers also admit that they did not consider how much toilet paper they save when using a bidet. Most bidet users will see a 70-80% decrease in toilet paper usage. This is a significant decrease, especially when the average person in the United States spends over $11,000 on toilet paper over their lifetime. For more information on how much money you can save by using a bidet, check out our article specifically on this subject.

  • Installation Was Actually Easy 
  • Another common misconception by customers is that of a difficult installation process. Some customers believed that a plumber or ‘bidet expert’ is required to install a bidet. This is absolutely not the case. After purchasing their first bidet, customers quickly find that the installation process is both easy and quick! Along with easy to understand installation guides, BidetKing also has videos showing customers a step by step guide on how to install their bidet. It really is an easy process! 

  • It’s Hard to Go Back to Using A Regular Toilet
  • Once our customers install and start using their bidets, they find that using a regular toilet just doesn’t cut it. It is hard for many of our customers to go back to using the old ways of toilet paper wiping. Using a regular toilet outside of one's home really solidifies their love for their bidet and improved hygiene. As many customers say “it’s hard to go back!” 

  • Kids Love It
  • Customers with kids also say that, although they may at first be hesitant to use a bidet, once they have acquainted themselves with their new bidet, they absolutely love it! Having a warm water stream clean you during the cold winter months or a fresh water spray during the hot summer days really does enhance your bathroom experience; kids and adults alike! Using a bidet can turn a child's bathroom experience from that of a boring experience to a fun and refreshing experience!