Bidets for Gifts

Whether the occasion is for a birthday, a graduation, or even as a wedding gift, a bidet seat can be a great gift for a friend or a loved one. Nothing says “I care about you” more than the gift of elevating one's hygiene! A bidet seat is sure to impress whoever it is gifted to and best of all, they’ll always think of you when they use the toilet. In this article we’ll discuss how a bidet seat can be a great gift idea, which bidet seat models are best for certain types of people and which bidet seat models we recommend. So, let’s break it down.

The Ultimate Gift 

A bidet seat is a great gift for almost any occasion and for any person because, well, we all go to the bathroom. No matter their age, gender, lifestyle, or personality, everyone frequents the restroom and relieves themselves. Gifting a bidet seat is a great gift as it can greatly enhance one’s time spent on the toilet. Most of our bidet seats include a heated seat, warm air dryer, heated water, adjustable water pressure, and deodorizer to name a few features. These features will absolutely improve a person's time spent on their toilet and will make their bathroom experience that much more comfortable and luxurious. 

Gift for a Large Family Household 

If you will be gifting a bidet seat to a large family, say more than a couple children, then a great option would be to get a bidet seat with a sittable lid and a child mode function. Not all bidet seats include a lid that can be sat on, so choosing a bidet seat model that has a sittable lid is preferred if children will be using the bidet seat. This is due to children’s tendency to sit on or even stand on the lid. If a bidet seat is not designed with a sittable lid, sitting or standing on the lid can result in the lid cracking or breaking. Even a small child can crack or break a lid that is not designed to be sat on. 

Another feature one should look for when looking to gift a bidet seat to a large family is that of a ‘child mode’ feature. Child mode allows users to change the intensity settings of their bidet seat to better suit children. The regular settings on a bidet seat can sometimes be a little too powerful and intimidating for small children and as such, some bidet seat models include a ‘child mode’ which decreases the spray pressure and heat settings on the bidet. This ensures that the spray is not too strong and the heat of the water and on the seat itself is not too hot. 

A bidet seat we recommend that has both a sittable lid and contains a child mode is:

Gift for Newlyweds or a Couple 

If you are looking for a bidet seat as a wedding gift, or as a gift for a couple in general, there are some models that are better suited for this situation. A must have feature for any couple using a bidet is that of user presets. This great feature allows two users to save their favorite settings and modes on their bidet seat. Each user preset will save the water pressure, water temperature, seat temperature, and nozzle position as desired for each user. 

The two users using the bidet will not have to fumble about changing the settings on their bidet to their desired temperatures or water pressures. With one press of the button they can both have instant access to their preferred settings. 

A model we recommend that has user presets is:

Gift for Seniors 

A great bidet for seniors would be one that has an easy to read and use wireless remote control and one with an enema function. An easy to use and understand remote control is important as many senior users may have eye sight issues and will benefit from a remote with large and legible icons. An enema function will come in handy for those who struggle with constipation issues as the strong spray pressure from the enema function can be used to stimulate and start a bowel movement. 

A bidet model we recommend for seniors is:

Sizing and Fitment 

An important factor to consider when purchasing a bidet as a gift for a loved one or a friend is the size of the bidet and the size of the toilet bowl they have. You will want to make sure you match the size of the bidet with the size of their toilet bowl. Most bathrooms in the United States and Canada have an elongated toilet bowl. As a result, all bidets on the BidetKing website are available in an elongated size. If you know the person you are gifting the bidet to has a round toilet bowl, then there are a few bidet options available on our website in the round size.

If you happen to purchase the wrong size bidet then need not worry. Bidet King has a 45 day return/exchange period where customers can either return their bidet for a refund or exchange it for the proper size. Make sure the bidet is not connected to water or used before making the final decision to either keep or return/exchange the bidet as we cannot accept a return from a bidet that has been used and/or connected to water.