Bidet Toilet Seat 101: Achieving a Complete Clean

As with many things in life, learning how to operate a bidet seat to the best of its abilities has a bit of a learning curve. Some first time bidet seat owners have issues with achieving a complete clean when using their bidet’s wash function. This is normal. The more you use your bidet the better you will learn how to use it most efficiently. In this article we will give you some tips on how to use your bidet to ensure that you are left clean and feeling fresh. 

Factors to Consider 

Some factors to consider when determining if a bidet will fully clean you is your size, weight, and how you are positioned/seated on your bidet. The larger the user, height and weight wise, the more likely you will have to use a couple sheets of toilet paper after using your bidet to fully clean yourself. Of course, using multiple wash cycles and or choosing a bidet seat with stronger spray pressure can help a larger user achieve a more complete clean. 

Tips To Achieving a Complete Clean 

A great way to achieve a more efficient and full clean is to increase your spray pressure to its highest settings. The stronger the spray pressure the more likely you are to completely clean off any residue leftover after having relieved yourself. For some users, using your bidet’s spray setting at its strongest setting can take some getting used to. We recommend slowly acclimating yourself to the stronger spray pressure by gradually increasing the spray pressure setting. Most bidet seats have 4-5 spray pressure levels you can graduate from. So take your time and get to know your bidet.

Utilizing your bidet's nozzle oscillation is another great way to achieve a more complete clean. Nozzle oscillation refers to the feature in which your bidet’s nozzle will move forward and back for the duration of the wash cycle. This ensures a larger area is covered when using your bidet’s rear wash function. This combined with a strong spray pressure will help you achieve a more complete cleaning experience. 

The way your body is positioned on your bidet seat will also affect how well your bidet will clean you. Sitting further back can help as well as slightly rocking your torso forwards and backwards and side to side.  Some users sit more forward than others while others have a tendency to sit at a slight angle. These all can have an impact. If you’re having difficulty achieving a complete clean, try to slightly alter your body position while seated on your bidet seat. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, learning how to get the most out of your bidet seat can take a little bit of time and practice to achieve. But the more you use your bidet the more familiar you will become with it and how it can best meet your specific cleaning needs!