Bidets for Bathroom Renovations

If you are planning to, or are in the process of, renovating your bathroom, a great addition to your bathroom can be a bidet. Adding a new sink, new tiles, lighting fixtures, and paint will certainly improve the overall appearance of your bathroom but installing a new bidet in your bathroom can take it to the next level. Not only will your new bathroom look and feel new and improved with a makeover but the overall experience you and your guests will get from a new bidet will enhance the overall experience of your bathroom. 

A bidet can be that final piece your bathroom needs to be a fully renovated, modern bathroom. Also, the remodeling phase is the absolute perfect time to plan your bidet installation.  In this article we will discuss the benefits of adding a bidet to your new bathroom, the monetary savings you will see with installing a bidet, the environmental impact adding a bidet to your bathroom can have and which models we recommend for those remodeling their bathrooms. 

Advantages of Installing a Bidet During the Remodel

A huge advantage of installing a bidet during the actual remodeling process is the ability to select a compatible toilet for said bidet. Some customers, after having remodeled their bathroom and installing a toilet, come to find that the bidet they want is not compatible with the toilet they installed. Choosing a toilet and bidet, whether as a combo unit or as a standalone bidet seat, allows you to bypass any issues with compatibility and can save you some serious headaches. If you’re going with a non-integrated bidet model, we recommend choosing a two piece, elongated toilet. This type of toilet is the most compatible with bidet seats. 

Another advantage of installing a bidet during the remodeling process is the ability to get all your electrical needs taken care of. As with the issue of installing a non compatible toilet, some customers finish their remodeling only to find out that they did not install an electrical outlet near the toilet. This can pose a serious problem as a bidet, whether as an integrated model or as a bidet seat, requires an electrical connection. Most electrical cords on bidet models are around 4 feet long, so having an outlet within reach of said cord is essential. Keeping this in mind, installing a 15 amp GFCI outlet near your toilet is highly recommended during the remodeling process. 

Benefits of a Bidet 

Installing a bidet, whether as a combo unit or as a bidet seat, will dramatically improve your bathroom experience. A bidet will give you and your guests access to luxurious features such as unlimited warm water, a warm air dryer, heated seat, front feminine wash, massage mode, and an oscillating nozzle spray, just to name a few. These comfort oriented features are a game changer for anyone looking to improve their time spent in the bathroom and their overall hygiene. 

Save Money

Installing a bidet in your newly renovated bathroom will also drastically reduce the amount of toilet paper you will use. Bidet users, on average, find that using a bidet will reduce their toilet paper usage by 70-80%. If you utilize the built in warm airy dryer, you can even completely eliminate the use of toilet paper altogether! This amounts to some serious monetary savings as the average American spends over $11,000 on toilet paper and a further $9,000 on wet wipes during their lifetime. Reducing or eliminating your toilet paper usage will also help the environment by reducing your dependency on toilet paper which contributes to trees being cut down.

Improved Hygiene

Installing a bidet into your newly remodeled bathroom will also have the added benefit of improving your hygiene. Having the ability to wash away any residue after having a bowel movement or urinating is much more hygienic and leaves one feeling much cleaner and fresh compared to wiping with toilet paper. To ensure you are left clean and sanitary a bidet will have various spray pressure settings and a nozzle oscillation mode to make sure a wider area is covered when a rear wash function is activated.  

Women can especially benefit from using a bidet seat as most models come with a front feminine wash. This is a different wash cycle from the rear wash and is made specifically to clean further forward and closer to a female body parts.  This has the benefit of giving a full, gentle wash while also decreasing the likelihood of a urinary tract infection from occurring.

Bidets We Recommend 

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Regardless of which type of bidet you get, installing one into your newly renovated bathroom will have you asking yourself how you could have ever gone without one. The clean and fresh feeling one gets from a bidet is unmatched. Whether installing one in a main restroom or a guest restroom, those who use a bathroom with a bidet installed have a hard time going back to wiping. It really is that impactful!