Beige Colored Bidet Seats

For those looking for a beige colored bidet seat to match their beige colored toilet, BidetKing has you covered. Although not as common as the standard white color, beige colored toilets are found in some household bathrooms. This presents a problem for those customers who own a beige colored toilet as matching it with a white bidet seat may look awkward. Luckily, BidetKing carries various models of bidet seats in a beige and biscuit color. 

Unfortunately, not all bidet seat manufacturers make their seats in a beige color. Being that beige colored toilets are so rare, many bidet companies have shifted away from designing their toilets in said color and opting for a white only lineup. Fortunately, a few bidet companies still manufacture their bidet seats in either a beige or biscuit color. Below we will list which bidet companies are still manufacturing bidets in a beige or biscuit color and which bidet seat models this color is available in. 

Bidet Companies Still Manufacturing Beige/Biscuit Colored Bidet Seats

Although many companies have moved away from manufacturing beige colored bidet seats, a handful still make them, although not in as great of numbers as white colored bidet seats. Bidet companies which still make beige colored bidet seats are Alpha Bidet, Brondell, and TOTO. Alpha Bidet only has one model in their bidet seat lineup that is available in beige. Brondell makes two models in a “biscuit” color, while TOTO has the largest lineup of beige colored bidet seats in what they call “Sedona Beige”. 

The differences between ‘beige’, ‘biscuit’, and ‘Sedona Beige’ are quite subtle and used interchangeably but, in the right lighting conditions, can be noticed. It’s important to note that the exact matching of color shades is virtually impossible as bidet seats are glossy plastic while toilets are porcelain/vitreous china.  That being said, the best toilet matches are American Standard’s Beige, Kohler’s Biscuit and TOTO’s Sedona Beige. 

Bidet Seat Models Available in Beige/Biscuit/Sedona Beige 

  • Alpha JX - (Available in White & Beige)