Why Now Is The Best Time to Get a Bidet

Many people looking into bidet seats are asking themselves if now is the best time to pull the trigger and purchase a bidet. The answer to this question is quite simple: Yes! With the level of comfort and luxury offered in today's bidet seats now is the best time to elevate your bathroom experience and purchase a bidet seat. 

If you read through the product reviews on BidetKing.com, the most common phrases you’ll find are “Why did I wait so long?” and “I wish I got one years ago”. Why? Because bidet seat models available today have some of the best technology, build quality, features, and comfort that older models from years past simply cannot not offer. In this article we will discuss the new technology and features included in these bidet seats, why now is the best time to purchase a bidet and which models to look for. So let’s jump right into it.

New Technology and Features

Bidet seats available today have some of the most advanced and comfort centered features ever offered before. These features help users achieve a more comfortable, efficient, and complete clean when using their bidets. These features include nozzle oscillation modes, user presets, warm air dryers, stainless steel nozzles, deodorizers, and heated seats, just to name a few.

New bidet seat models also offer sleeker, more modern looks than ever before. With the advancement in bidet technology, engineers have been able to significantly reduce the overall size and weight of many bidet seats which have, for many years, been bulky in size and weight. As technology in the bidet seat industry advances, so does the ability of engineers to reduce the overall size of internal components, resulting in slimmer and more efficient bidet seats.  

Another benefit of the advancement in bidet seat technology is the competitive prices many bidet seat manufacturers offer. Using more efficient technology and materials translates to a bidet seat that is more energy efficient, less likely to experience any technical malfunctions, and overall better performance and price for the customer. 

Better Hygiene 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, many people have begun to prioritize their hygiene and well being over all else. And with bidet seats implementing some of the best hygiene centered features and functions, there is no better time to invest in a bidet seat than now. 

Some of the newest bidet seat models include features that prioritize not only cleaning one’s bum but also keeping your nozzle and bowl clean as well. Features like nozzle sterilization, UV sterilization, in-bowl sanitation, and in-bowl premist features allow users to reduce the chance of bacteria and germs spreading on their bidet and toilet bowl. 

Bidet Seats to Consider 

Listed below will be some bidet seat models that stand out amongst their competitors. These are great models to consider for those looking to purchase a bidet as they are some of the newest offerings on our website, have great build quality, are jam packed with the newest technology and features, prioritize hygiene without sacrificing any luxurious features, and are all available at competitive prices.