Who Are Bidet Seats For Really?

A common question one may find themselves asking is “exactly who are bidets made for?” Are they for Europeans and people from Asia who have used bidets for generations? Are they for rich people who have money to spend on quirky bathroom renovations? The simple answer is that bidet seats are for everyone. Bidets are designed to accommodate everyone's needs irrespective of one's background, social status, culture, customs, or age. 

Everyone can benefit from using a bidet seat! We here at BidetKing.com want to help our customers experience the incredible cleaning experience a bidet seat provides. However, there are variations of bidets and bidet seats that one should be cognizant of. In this article we will explain the variations in types of bidets and bidet seats and why bidets really are made for everyone.

What Type of Bidets Are There? 

There are two main types of bidets available on the market, and on our website, today. The first type is what is known as a bidet toilet combo. A bidet toilet combo is, as the name suggests, a bidet that is attached to a toilet bowl. On our website, you will find two different types of bidet toilet combos. The first is called an integrated style combo. This is a combo that has both the bidet and toilet built as one single unit. 

This gives the combo a seamless and modern look that many people enjoy. Packed with some of the best and most high tech features available on the market today, integrated combos are great options for those looking to bring their bathrooms into the 21st century and ‘wow’ their guests. 

The second type of bidet toilet combo you will find on BidetKing.com are known as custom bidet toilet combos. These differ from integrated combos in that they are two separate, non-integrated pieces that are bolted down together. This gives the customers the freedom of choosing their own specific model bidet seat and pairing it with a specific toilet bowl model. 

Although not as seamless and modern looking as integrated models, custom combos still give a sleek and impressive look to one’s bathroom when they are installed. Custom combos also have the added benefit of being more affordable than their integrated counterparts.

If you want to keep your existing toilet then opting for a bidet seat would be your best option. A bidet seat mounts on top of your toilet bowl by replacing the existing seat and lid. Installation is fast and easy. A bidet seat can be a great introduction to the world of bidets as they are usually more affordable than bidet toilet combos. Bidet seats also have a plethora of features and functions that are sure to improve your bathroom experience. 

Another type of bidet to look into are bidet attachments. These differ from their bidet seat counterparts by attaching to your toilet bowl via the bolt holes holding down the existing seat and lid to the toilet. So instead of replacing your whole toilet seat and lid, a bidet attachment will work with your existing toilet seat and lid. These are great options for those looking for the most cost effective bidets as well as the most straightforward and simple types. 

Why Bidets Are For Everyone

To those unfamiliar with them, a bidet may seem like a peculiar piece of bathroom hardware relegated only to those of contrarian beliefs and foreign customs, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bidets are fast becoming household names in many American homes. They provide a level of comfort and cleanliness that regular toilets simply cannot offer. 

As stated in our previous article, the water spray from a bidet is much more effective and efficient at cleaning oneself than traditional toilet paper or wet wipes. Wiping with toilet paper merely spreads residue rather than cleaning it. This fact alone is the primary reason why bidets are beneficial for everyone. Young or old, small or big, male or female, the level of cleanliness and improvement in hygiene a bidet provides cannot be understated. 

Basically, anyone looking to improve their hygiene and enhance their bathroom experience can benefit from using a bidet. And with the long list of features bidets offer, finding a bidet that suits your needs and lifestyle has never been easier. For a list of great bidet seat options take a look at our top bidet seats of 2022