Upgrading Your Bidet Seat

For many, buying an entry level bidet seat is their first introduction into the world of bidets. Once one uses and grows comfortable with using a bidet seat, the level of comfort and luxury it brings to one’s life is hard to overstate. Once addicted, some users will find themselves wanting more out of their entry level bidets. 

Value oriented bidet seats are great and include many useful features beyond their price tag. But, just as their names imply, they don’t include some of the top tier luxury features and build quality that others may have.  There’s a whole range of high end, world class bidet seats that not only improve on luxury and comfort, but also include some of the most advanced technology available in bidet seats today.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why someone may want to upgrade their entry level bidet seat to that of a higher end option. We will discuss what you should look for when upgrading your bidet seat, the features included in these bidets and if upgrading, the best bidet seat for you. 

Reasons For Upgrading Your Bidet Seat 

There are many reasons why someone might want to upgrade their entry level bidet seat to a more advanced model. One reason is the upgrade in the amount of features offered. Higher end bidet seats offer more advanced features compared to entry level models. These features, depending on the model, include automatic open/close seat & lids, user presets, UV sterilization, kick flush option, auto flush compatibility, and much more. 

Overall build quality also sees an improvement in higher end models. The plastics, nozzle tip, hinges, internal parts, and hardware all see an upgrade in terms of build quality. This means a higher end bidet seat can handle more wear and tear and last you a longer time compared to level entry bidet seats. 

It is not uncommon to hear of customers who have outgrown their entry level bidet seat model. Not in the physical sense but in a more practical one. Customers who have used their entry level bidet seat for a specific period of time can begin to wish for more features on their bidet. Although their original bidet seat can still get the job done and efficiently clean them, they may desire more comfort oriented features that their first bidet seat simply cannot offer. 

Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Bidet Seat

When considering upgrading your bidet seat to a more advanced model one should do their due diligence and research the features included in the different bidet seat models. Not all bidet seats are built the same. For instance, one high end bidet seat model can offer an automatic open/close seat & lid while another may lack that feature. Same with user presets and such. It would be beneficial to take the time to read into the specifications and features included in a bidet seat model and compare and contrast them. Remember, once you purchase a bidet seat, install and use it, you can no longer return it for obvious sanitation reasons. So make sure you choose the right model for your needs!

Another point to consider is the fact that having a higher end bidet seat does not always equate to having a stronger spray pressure. For some, having powerful spray pressure is the most important feature on their bidet seat. It is for this reason that one should weigh the pros and cons of upgrading their bidet seat model to a higher end one. 

For example, the budget-friendly Bio Bidet BB-1000 bidet seat lacks many of the features included in a higher end bidet but boasts the strongest spray pressure out of any electric bidet seat model currently available today. As such, it would not be recommended to upgrade to a higher end model if you require the absolute strongest spray pressure. It is important to note that even models from the same bidet brand can have varying spray pressures.

Our recommendation: If you love your bidet seat, keep it! If it breaks down, get the same one again. The grass is not always greener on the other side because bidet seats are so personal. Sometimes, an upgraded model can leave you feeling unsatisfied. However, if there’s something specific you want to improve upon, then do your research or talk to our experts to help you choose a higher end model more suited to your needs.

High End Bidet Seats We Recommend 

  • Alpha UX Pearl: Tankless water heater, unlimited warm water, slim profile, sleek design, wireless remote control, user presets, bowl sanitizer. 
  • Bio Bidet Discovery DLS: Tankless water heater, unlimited warm water, slim profile, sleek design, wireless remote control, automatic seat and lid.
  • TOTO S550e/S500e: Tankless water heater, eWater+, unlimited warm water, wireless remote control, automatic seat and lid.. 
  • Brondell Swash 1400: Tankless water heater, unlimited warm water, wireless remote control, user presets.