Bidet Seats Going Mainstream

For many years the concept of using a bidet to clean oneself after using the toilet has been, in North America, a strange and foreign idea. But that is beginning to change. More and more of the Western world is taking notice of the amazing advantages and benefits of using a bidet seat. No longer seen as a foreign and exotic method of cleaning oneself, North Americans are starting to realize that a bidet seat is vastly superior to the traditional method of using toilet paper to clean oneself. In this article we will discuss the reasons for the change in opinions by North Americans on bidets and bidet seats. 

Bidet Seats Gaining Popularity 

With features like unlimited warm water, a heated seat, warm air dryer, and deodorizer, just to name a few, it's easy to see why so many Americans and Canadians are switching to bidet seats. The luxury and comfort a bidet seat offers is simply unmatched. Gone are the days where one is relegated to the old methods of using toilet paper and wet wipes to clean oneself after using the toilet. Not only is toilet paper and wet wipes ineffective at cleaning someone. Wiping with toilet paper merely smears and spreads residue. Wet wipes are a bit better than toilet paper but are still inefficient at completely cleaning your bum. 

Now, more than ever, is it important to make sure the spreading of germs and bacteria is kept to a minimum. With the recent pandemic sweeping the world, we all personally witnessed just how important it is to ensure one is sanitary and clean. As a result of the toilet paper shortage of 2020, many people were introduced to alternative methods to cleaning oneself. As such, many in North America were introduced to bidet seats which helps one achieve a level of cleanliness and hygiene toilet paper simply cannot offer. Water as a medium to clean oneself is a much more effective and efficient method of cleaning oneself. As opposed to merely smearing and spreading residue, a bidet’s water spray, when properly used, can completely clean you and leave you feeling clean and fresh. The built in warm air dryer can also make sure to leave your bum dry and clean as well! 

As stated in a previous article, a bidet seat can also save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. The amount of money you will save from drastically reducing, and in some cases even completely eliminating, the amount of toilet paper and wet wipes bought and used will be noticeable. And one does not have to worry about the energy consumption of running a bidet seat as its power draw is nominal. 

Bidet Seats; Living Up To The Hype

Anyone who has had the pleasure of using a bidet seat can attest to just how much better they are at cleaning one’s bum compared to toilet paper. Not only made for bowel movements, women can also attest to the improvement in cleanliness after having gone number 1 as all electric bidet seats feature a front feminine wash. But don’t take it from us, there are a plethora of reviews raving about our bidet seats and the improvement in comfort and hygiene they provide. 

Although the core functions of a bidet seat are its rear/front wash and warm air dryer, many other features are offered as well. Features such as user presets, in bowl LED night, wireless remote control, automatic open/close seat & lid, and many more are offered. These features help increase the level of comfort and introduce a sense of luxury to your home's bathroom.