Introducing a Bidet Seat to Reluctant Users

Adding a bidet seat to your home's bathroom can be a real game changer. The improvement in comfort, hygiene, and convenience you will experience after using a bidet seat is unmatched. But, as with many things in life, introducing a new experience can be a little intimidating for some. Changing one’s way of using the toilet, when they have been doing it the same way for decades, can be a challenge. Trying to convince someone who is hesitant to change their old ways of using the toilet can be even more challenging. 

In this article we will discuss the common concerns some have in replacing their toilet seat with a bidet seat, the misconceptions surrounding bidet seats, and how to best talk to your reluctant family members about installing a bidet seat to their bathroom.

Bidet Seat Misconceptions

 For those unfamiliar with modern bidets, a common misconception is that they are an overly complicated and exotic way of cleaning oneself after using the toilet. That couldn’t be further from the truth. When picturing a bidet, one tends to conjure up thoughts of the old style, traditional bidets from Europe and East Asia. 

These types of bidets oftentimes require users to stand over a separate porcelain piece, separate from the toilet bowl, and use its water spray to clean oneself. A bidet seat is designed differently. There are no separate pieces or requirements to stand over anything to use a bidet seat. Everything you need to effectively clean yourself is built right into the bidet seat. 

Another common misconception is that bidet seats are expensive and require a considerable amount of time and effort to install. This is not the case. Modern bidet seats are affordable and require minimal time and effort to install. Many great bidet seats can be found on our website for under $500. Of course, there are bidets that can reach prices north of $1,000 but one does not need to dish out this kind of money to get a reliable bidet seat with many great features. 

Installing a bidet seat is also relatively easy. All that is required to install a bidet seat is to simply remove your existing toilet seat and lid and replace it with your bidet seat. Everything needed to install your bidet is included with your purchase such as mounting hardware and supply hoses. 

Explaining these misconceptions to someone who is unsure or reluctant to install a bidet seat in their bathroom is a lot easier than one would think. Properly and effectively cleaning oneself after having gone to the toilet is not something one should take lightly. Educating your family members of the benefits of using a bidet seat, both in terms of comfort and hygiene, is a conversation that can drastically improve your families health and overall hygiene. 

Bidet Seats Will Improve Your Family's Bathroom Experience

For many people who have never used or considered using a bidet seat, the thought of a stream of water cleaning them after having relieved themselves can be a little strange. This is a normal feeling that most of us bidet users have experienced before actually using a bidet seat. 

To get a family member to better understand how a bidet seat works, it can help to explain to them in terms of comparing mud or any type of an unwanted substance being on their hand. Would they simply wipe off said substance with a paper towel? Or would they much prefer to wash it away with water? One would hope they would choose the latter. This is the same idea with cleaning oneself after having gone to the toilet. Water does a much better job at cleaning your bum compared to toilet paper or wet wipes.  

At the end of the day, if you have a family member who is adamant about not using a bidet seat, this should not keep you from getting one for yourself or other family members. Users do not need to use a bidet seat once it is installed into their toilet. 

They can continue to use the toilet, even with the bidet seat installed, and use toilet paper to clean themselves. Plus, you never know; that hesitant family member might grow curious one day and decide to give the bidet a try. And they might love it just as much as the rest of us do!