Most High Tech Features in a Bidet

Modern electric bidet seats are designed with comfort, luxury and technology in mind. Gone are the days where a bidet merely sprayed a jet of water onto your bum. Modern electric bidets offer much more comfort oriented features such as a heated seat, warm air dryer, warm water spray, and nozzle oscillation, just to name a few. 

However, some bidets that stand out above the rest in terms of the technology built into them. In this article we will discuss the most impressive technology offered in today’s bidet seats, how said technology works, and which bidet models have these features. So with that out of the way, let’s jump right into it. 

High Tech Features

When considering which features we believe stand out from the rest in regards to technology,  we took into account a specific feature's ability to elevate the overall usefulness, comfort, and luxury of the bidet experience. So impactful are these features on one’s bidet experience that some consider the inclusion of these features as a priority when choosing their next bidet. With that said, the features on this list are found on only a select range of models and, as such, can be seen as exclusive, high end features.

  • Auto Open/Close Seat & Lid
  • An impressive feature on some higher end bidets is that of the auto open/close seat and lid. This useful feature does what it implies; it automatically opens and closes your bidet's seat and/or lid. Activating the auto lid & seat can be controlled in a number of ways (depending on which model you have). Motion activation is one the most useful methods as this eliminates the need to touch your bidet with your hands. 

    A bidet with a motion activated seat/lid detects motion in front of it and will automatically open the seat and/or lid (you can program both the lid and seat raising or just the lid). Once you are done and have walked away from the bidet, the seat and/or lid will automatically close after a short period of time. Users can also open/close the seat and lid via the wireless remote control or, in the case of the Alpha UXT Pearl, can also open/close it via a kick sensor at the base of the bidet. 

    Bidets that include an auto open/close seat and lid are:

  • Alpha UXT Pearl Smart Toilet
  • Alpha UX Pearl 
  • Bio Bidet Discovery DLX Smart Toilet (no motion sensor)
  • Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
  • Novita BH90/93
  • TOTO S550e Washlet

  • Auto Flush
  • Another useful and technologically impressive feature is the auto flush function. This feature is found on bidet toilet combinations and works by automatically flushing your toilet when you are done using it. The flush generally activates when the user gets up from the toilet seat, but the toilet can also be flushed through the press of a button on the wireless remote control or via a foot sensor. Whichever way you choose to flush, having the ability to automatically flush your bidet toilet is a great feature to have.

    Bidets that include an auto flush feature are:

  • Alpha UXT Pearl Smart Toilet
  • Bio Bidet Discovery DLX Smart Toilet
  • TOTO Neorest AH/RH Smart Toilet 
  • TOTO S550e Washlet+ Systems

  • UV sterilization
  • Having a clean wash nozzle is important in maintaining the overall hygiene of a bidet. Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization takes this a step further by utilizing a built-in UV light to effectively sterilize your bidet’s nozzle after use.

    Bidets that include UV Sterilization are:

  • Bio Bidet Discovery DLX Smart Toilet 
  • Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
  • Kohler Veil K-5401 Smart Toilet
  • Eco Nova Bidet Seat

  • Bowl Pre-Mist or Pre-Rinse
  • Another advanced feature of higher end models is a bowl pre-mist or pre-rinse system.  Whether it’s a sprayed mist or a pseudo flush, this feature dampens the bowl when a user sits down to create a slick surface on the interior of the bowl.  This prevents fecal matter from sticking to the surface when one does their business.

    Most TOTO Washlets and combinations have this feature, in addition to the Alpha UXT Pearl.

  • Pure Breeze Bowl Sanitizer
  • One of the newer technologies in the bidet world is the Pure Breeze Bowl Sanitizer. This feature uses an air plasma generator and a fan to circulate ion particles in your toilet bowl.  The air plasma particles help neutralize odor and bacteria in the bowl.

    The Pure Breeze Bowl Sanitizer is an Alpha Bidet exclusive feature and can only be found in the Alpha UX Pearl and Alpha UXT Pearl Smart Toilet.

  • eWater (Electrolyzed Water)
  • Last on our list of high tech features is TOTO’s exclusive eWater feature. This feature mists your toilet bowl with electrolyzed water in between uses. This helps with disinfecting your bowl and, in some TOTO models, can even disinfect the nozzle as well. 

    This is an exclusive feature found only on TOTO bidets


    Having a bidet with one or more of these high tech features can set your bidet apart from the rest. Many bidet users find that once they use a bidet with one of these features, going back to a bidet that lacks said feature(s) can leave one feeling like they are missing out. If you are looking for a well built bidet that is future proof, you can’t go wrong with choosing any model mentioned on this list.