Features to Consider When Upgrading Your Bidet Seat

Bidet seats are quickly becoming a fixture in many bathrooms in North America. Many people have already dipped their toes into the world of bidets by purchasing entry level models. Although great options at their low price point, a lack of premium features can leave some wanting more out of their novice level bidet seat. Enter the premium bidet seat. Boasting high tech features and stunning designs, premium, or luxury, bidet seats build upon what makes entry level bidet seats so great. If you're considering upgrading your entry level bidet seat to that of a premium model or are new to the world of bidets, here's a breakdown of features you might want to consider:

Stronger Spray Pressure

One of the primary purposes of a bidet is to ensure a thorough clean, and spray pressure is crucial in achieving this. Models that offer adjustable pressure settings can cater to various preferences, ensuring that every user finds the perfect balance between comfort and effectiveness. Some models that have great spray pressures are the Alpha UX Pearl, Alpha JX, Bio Bidet BB-2000, and TOTO Washlet C5.

Automatic Open and Close Seat

Beyond hygiene, convenience is a significant aspect of the modern bidet. Automatic seats that open when you approach and close once you leave are not just about luxury – they also aid in reducing the spread of germs since you won’t need to touch the seat. Some models that have an auto open and close seat/lid are the Alpha UXT Pearl, TOTO S550e Washlet, and the Bio Bidet Discovery DLX.


Let’s face it, bathrooms can get smelly. Modern bidet seats often come with built-in deodorizers that neutralize odors, ensuring your bathroom remains fresh no matter the time of day. Some models to look into which have a built in deodorizer are the Alpha UX Pearl, Bio Bidet BB-2000, Bio Bidet Discovery DLS, and TOTO S550e Washlet.

User Presets

In households with multiple members or for users who prefer different settings at different times, user presets are a boon. Just like you'd save your seat and mirror adjustments in a modern car, some bidet seats allow users to save their preferred settings – from spray pressure to water temperature – ensuring a personalized experience at the touch of a button. Two great models that come to mind are the Alpha UX Pearl and Bio Bidet Discovery DLS.

Heated Seat

 A cold toilet seat can be an unpleasant shock, especially during winter. Many upgraded bidet seats come with seat heating options, providing users with that extra touch of comfort.

Warm Air Dryer

After cleaning, drying is the next step. Bidets that come with a warm air dryer feature can reduce or eliminate the need for toilet paper, offering a more eco-friendly bathroom experience and ensuring you leave feeling dry and refreshed.

Water Temperature Control

 Cold water can be startling. A bidet seat with adjustable water temperature ensures comfort, especially in colder climates or during winter months.

Night Light

Midnight trips to the bathroom can be disorienting. Bidet seats that come with a built-in night light can gently illuminate the path, ensuring safety and convenience without the harshness of regular bathroom lights.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles

Hygiene is paramount, and bidet seats with self-cleaning capabilities ensure that the nozzles remain clean and sanitary after each use.

Energy-Saving Modes

For the environmentally-conscious or those just looking to save on utility bills, bidet seats with energy-saving features can reduce power consumption when not in active use.

In conclusion, when upgrading to a new bidet seat, considering the array of features available is crucial. While some might prioritize luxury and convenience, others might lean towards energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. The good news is that with the advancements in bidet technology, there's likely a perfect fit for every preference and budget. As with any investment, it's crucial to research, read reviews, and perhaps even test a few models to ensure you find the right match for your personal needs.