Future Proof Bidet Seats

An important aspect of buying a bidet seat is ensuring you purchase a model that has all the features and functions you require; even those you don’t know you need yet. Modern bidet seats offer a variety of features and functions, some more useful than others and some absolutely essential. What is an essential feature for you can be an irrelevant feature for others. It all depends on one's specific needs and preferences. It is not uncommon for a customer to purchase a bidet seat with a limited amount of features, only to find out that they would much rather have chosen a model with more features. 

Being that there are so many different features available in modern bidet seats, figuring out exactly which features you would like included in your bidet seat can sometimes be a little challenging, if not outright intimidating. In this article we’ll discuss the features we believe are most important and useful, which models contain these features, and which models are the best choice to ensure you have a bidet seat that will not become outdated in a couple of years. So with all this said, let’s jump right in. 

Choosing the Right Features 

All electric bidet seats on our site are going to have 3 core functions: rear wash, front feminine wash, & warm air dryer. Where they differ is going to be in the additional features they have. Some models will have additional features like user presets and a deodorizer, while others will be lacking in those features but have a sittable lid or a night light. Most newer bidet models are slimmer and have lower profiles than their predecessors. A great tool to use to compare models and their features is our comparison chart. This will list all the features included in different models as well as their warranty periods. Below, we will list some bidet seat models that have many of the most useful features. 

Future Proof Bidet Seats

The Alpha UX Pearl is the newest bidet seat model in the Alpha Bidet line. It’s a great option for those looking for a bidet seat that is jam packed with the latest features and technology. One of the slimmest models available on the market today, the UX Pearl is powered by an energy efficient, tankless water heating system which provides on-demand, unlimited warm water.

Along with standard features like a heated seat, warm air dryer, and a soft close seat and lid, the UX Pearl contains a photocatalyst deodorizer that neutralizes unpleasant smells. It also has the benefit of not needing a cartridge to be replaced, like some other deodorizers. 

The UX Pearl also has an industry exclusive Pure Breeze Bowl Sanitizer which utilizes an air plasma generator to sanitize and freshen your toilet bowl between uses by circulating ion particles. This significantly cuts down on odors and bacteria inside your bowl.

The UX Pearl utilizes an arc shaped stainless steel nozzle. This uniquely curved, self cleaning stainless steel nozzle minimizes any chance of contamination and splash-back while also providing a better reach during a front wash cycle. Lastly, the UX Pearl has 2 user presets that allow users to save up to two user profiles. These user profiles save the spray pressure, nozzle position, and temperature settings.

  • TOTO Washlet C5
  • The TOTO Washlet C5, from world renowned bidet manufacturer TOTO, is the new and improved version of the C200 Washlet featuring improved performance, features, and build quality. The TOTO Washlet C5 has already grown to become one of the most popular bidet seats in the US as the C200 was discontinued in early 2021. 

    Containing the same core features as its predecessor, warm water, heated seat, warm air dryer, the C5 also boasts some new features such as EWATER. This feature converts the ions in your tap water into a gentle cleansing agent that can help reduce the chemicals necessary for cleaning. Another improvement for the TOTO Washlet C5 is a sleeker and slimmer profile. The C5 is only 5.7 inches thick at its thickest point and 1.4 inches thin at its thinnest point.

    The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is the newest luxury bidet seat from Bio Bidet. It is also one of the slimmest models available on the market and, along with having standard features like a warm air dryer and heated seat, the DLS Discovery also has a unique UV Sterilization feature. This feature uses ultraviolet light to sterilize the nozzle after each wash cycle, reducing the spread of germs. This is in addition to the nozzle’s self cleaning function that uses water like other bidet seats.

    The Discovery DLS also has a motorized opening/closing seat and lid. This allows users to easily open and close the seat and/or lid with a press of a button. Users also have the option to activate the proximity sensor which will allow the user to open the seat and/or lid by simply walking up to the toilet. This is a great feature for those looking for a true hands free experience. 

  • TOTO S550e Washlet 
  • The TOTO S550e Washlet is known for its industry leading technology and luxury. From industry giant, TOTO USA, the S550e is essentially “the best bidet seat money can buy”. To start, users will enjoy the auto open/close seat and lid that can be activated simply by approaching the toilet. 

    The S550e Washlet also has TOTO exclusive Ewater+ feature which uses an eco-friendly, electrolyzed water spray that helps keep your toilet bowl clean and sanitary.  

    Another useful feature found in the TOTO S550e Washlet is the Premist function. This works by laying down a fine mist that wets the bowl before use. The result is a slick toilet bowl that prevents solids from sticking to the toilet bowl. This only adds to the luxury and highly sanitary experience of a TOTO washlet.