Bidet Toilet Seat 101: Front Feminine Wash

Did you know that bidet seats have a front feminine wash function specifically designed to efficiently clean a woman after using the toilet? Similar to the rear wash function, the front feminine wash sprays a jet of water further forward with a softer pattern, allowing a woman to clean her frontal parts with water. The position of the nozzle can be manually controlled, forward and back, and can even be made to automatically oscillate back and forth, ensuring a wider area is covered. 

The benefit of using a jet of water to clean oneself as opposed to wiping with toilet paper or wet wipes is the obvious fact that water is a much better medium for effectively and hygienically cleaning oneself after having used the toilet. Wiping with toilet paper or wet wipes merely spreads residue. The front feminine wash will not only clean you better than wiping but will also help reduce the chances of you developing a UTI by providing a more hygienic and effective cleaning experience. An added benefit is the money you will save with the reduction of toilet paper and/or wet wipes you will be buying! A bidet seat can significantly reduce, and in some cases completely eliminate, the amount of toilet paper and wet wipes used after having gone to the toilet. It cannot be understated just how beneficial, both hygienically and monetarily, the front feminine wash can be. 

For best results, women should sit as far back as possible, and lean their upper torso forward. This creates an optimal spray angle to reach the front, feminine region.

Bidet Seats w/ Front Feminine Wash We Recommend