4 New Bidet Features Worth Considering

In recent years, bathroom technology has taken leaps into the future, with bidet toilet seats leading the charge. These seats are not just designed for comfort but also cater to hygiene and convenience with a plethora of innovative features. Among these features are UV sterilization, automatic flushing, radio frequency wireless remote control technology, and a Pure Breeze function. 

UV Sterilization

UV sterilization is an innovative feature that has transformed the way we perceive cleanliness and hygiene in the bathroom. This technology employs ultraviolet light, a powerful disinfectant, to kill or inactivate microorganisms by disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital functions. 

Bidet seats with UV sterilization provide an extra layer of sanitation by sterilizing the nozzle after each use. This ensures that the bidet remains hygienic, even in shared bathrooms. It's a chemical-free process and doesn't leave any harmful byproducts, unlike many chemical disinfectants. This feature makes the bidet seat not just a symbol of luxury but also a beacon of health and hygiene. 

Bidets that have UV sterilization include the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS and the Eco-Nova.

Automatic Flushing

Another exciting feature of modern bidet seats is automatic flushing. This technology employs sensors to detect when the user is finished and initiates the flushing process automatically. Not only does this offer a hands-free, convenient experience, but it also enhances hygiene by eliminating the need to touch the toilet after use.

Automatic flushing ensures that waste is removed promptly, reducing the chance of lingering odors or unsanitary conditions. This function, coupled with the UV sterilization feature, elevates the cleanliness and hygiene of your bathroom to unprecedented levels.

Bidets that include automatic flushing are the Alpha UXT Bidet Toilet Combo, Bio Bidet Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet Combo,  and TOTO Neorest RH/AH Bidet Toilet Combo.

Radio Frequency Wireless Remote Control

Incorporating convenience and accessibility, some bidet seats now come with radio frequency wireless remote controls. These remotes allow users to adjust and control the bidet's functions without having to reach awkwardly or move from their position. And, as opposed to infrared remote controls which can sometimes suffer from connectivity issues, radio frequency remotes offer a much stronger connection, one that can even work through walls! 

With a user-friendly interface, these remote controls enable you to adjust the water pressure, temperature, and even the direction of the spray. Some even provide the option to save personal preferences, making each bathroom visit a customized experience. This technology truly enhances user experience by offering control and customization at the tip of your fingers.

The only bidet that offers a radio frequency remote control is the Eco-Nova bidet toilet seat. 

Pure Breeze Function

The Pure Breeze function is another feature of bidet seats that contributes to a clean and fresh bathroom environment. This feature incorporates an air plasma generator that circulates ion particles in your toilet bowl, resulting in safe and effective odor and bacteria control inside your toilet bowl. This feature is particularly valuable in shared bathrooms or small spaces where odors can be more noticeable and bacteria spread more easily. 

The Pure Breeze function is an Alpha UX Pearl exclusive and, as such, can only be found on the UX Pearl bidet seat.

In conclusion, the world of bidet seats has evolved drastically, offering features that enhance hygiene, convenience, and comfort. The advent of UV sterilization, automatic flushing, radio frequency wireless remote control, and pure breeze function in bidet seats has revolutionized our bathroom experiences. 

While the initial investment in a bidet seat with these advanced features may be higher than a traditional toilet seat, the benefits – including improved hygiene, enhanced user experience, and the potential reduction in toilet paper usage – can make it a worthwhile investment for many households. As we move forward, it's exciting to envision what other innovations lie ahead in the world of bathroom technology