Bidet Seats To Consider on Black Friday

As Black Friday approaches, it's a great time to look for deals on bidet seats, which have become increasingly popular for their hygiene benefits and eco-friendliness. Here's a rundown of four models that should be on your radar:

Alpha UX Pearl

This bidet seat is highly recommended for its combination of aesthetics and functionality. It boasts an "Ultra Low Profile Design" at just 4.5 inches tall in the rear, which is slimmer than most options in the market and similar to the industry-leading TOTO models. The UX Pearl offers endless warm water, advanced spray features, and one of the most powerful air dryers available. Its design includes user presets, auto functions, and LED lighting for a modern look, making it not only a luxurious choice but also an efficient one​​​​​​​​​​.

The UX Pearl also has some exclusive features not found on any other bidet seat models. These features include an arced, stainless steel nozzle and a Pure Breeze Bowl Sanitizer function. The unique arced nozzle design allows for better reach when a rear wash/front feminine wash cycle is in use, helping to achieve a more complete clean. The Pure Breeze Bowl Sanitizer function utilizes an air plasma generator that sanitizes and freshens your toilet bowl. 

TOTO Washlet S7A

TOTO is a well-respected name in the world of bidet seats, and the S7A model is their first to eliminate the seam on the seat, making it easier to clean and more sanitary. Although it's not a massive upgrade from its predecessor the S550e Washlet, the Washlet S7A is lighter, indicating an improvement in design and material usage. Like many flagship models, it features a tankless water heating system for unlimited warm water and includes a luxury style illuminated touch button remote with user memory storage, among other advanced features​​​​​​​​​​.

A key feature to note is the auto open/close seat and lid. This feature, along with its auto flush capabilities, allows for a true hands free experience. Improving one’s bathroom hygiene in the process. 

Brondell Swash Thinline T44

Claimed to be the thinnest luxury bidet seat on the market at just under 4 inches high, the Swash Thinline T44 features a low-profile design that fits well in modern bathrooms. It offers endless warm water, a self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle, and a heated seat with three temperature settings. Furthermore, it comes with a remote control, making operation more convenient and adding to its sleek appearance​​​​​​​​​​.

Users will also enjoy a futuristic looking LED night light setup with 3 different color variants; blue, red, and green. This gives your bidet and bathroom a modern and classy touch. 

Alpha JX

 The Alpha JX is designed with a balance of efficiency and luxury. It also has a tankless water heating system providing endless warm water with little to no startup lag. Its air pump feature mixes bubbles into the wash stream for a more soothing experience. The Alpha JX is known for its whisper-quiet operation, LED nightlight, and advanced features such as nozzle oscillation and a sittable lid, making it a standout in its class​​​​​​​​​​.

When considering which bidet seat to purchase, think about the design, features, and efficiency that best suit your needs and preferences. Look for Black Friday deals that might offer significant discounts on these models, and remember to read reviews and compare features to ensure you get the best value for your investment.