Bidet Toilet Seat 101: Energy Saving Mode

Did you know that many bidet seats have a built in energy saving mode? This great feature can be found on the bidet’s remote control, side panel, or on the auxiliary buttons located directly on the bidet seat itself. Energy saving mode, sometimes called power save or eco mode on some models, will adjust the seat and spray temperature on your bidet. When energy saving mode is activated,  the bidet seat will adjust its seat and water spray temperature to a lower level, when not in use. As soon as someone sits down on the seat and activates the seat sensor, the seat temperature and water temperature will return to the normal heat settings last left by the user. 

This allows users to save on energy costs by reducing the amount of electricity they consume when their bidet seats are not in use and, in some bidet seat models, even when they are in use. Some bidet seat models will have a super power savings mode alongside its regular energy saving mode. Super power savings mode allows for the most energy efficiency and savings. Please read your bidet seat’s user manual for more information on how to activate power saving mode.

Bidet Seat Models with Energy Savings We Recommend: