Bidet Seats for Prosthetic Limb Users

For those who have a prosthetic limb, going to the restroom can be a bit of a challenge. This is especially true for those who have multiple prosthetic limbs. Oftentimes, assistance from a family member or caretaker is required to successfully use the restroom but this does not always have to be the case. Using a bidet seat can significantly help those who have had one or more limbs amputated use the restroom, achieve a more complete clean, and help one maintain their autonomy, independence, and dignity. In this article we will discuss the benefits a bidet seat can provide to those who have artificial limbs, the features on a bidet which will come in most handy, and which bidet seat models we recommend. So, let’s get right into it. 

How A Bidet Seat Is Beneficial 

Depending on which limb, or limbs, are amputated, using the toilet can require considerable effort on behalf of those using prosthetic limbs. Wiping and cleaning oneself after having gone to the toilet can be challenging and, sometimes, outright unachievable without the assistance of a second person. A bidet seat can help with this as it can essentially eliminate the need to wipe altogether. Of course, this will require the user to become familiar and comfortable with the bidet seat and utilize it to its full potential. 

A bidet seat will have a rear and front feminine wash. This will allow the user to wash themselves after having gone to the restroom without the need to wipe. Additional  functions to the rear and front wash also help in ensuring the user achieves a complete clean. Some of these additional features include nozzle oscillation, which moves the spray nozzle forward and back, helping clean a larger area. Another function that helps achieve a complete clean is a wide spray feature. Like with nozzle oscillation, a wide spray function will help users clean a larger area and achieve a more complete clean. It is important to note, however, that utilizing the rear wash and front feminine wash to the best of their ability requires a small learning curve. How a person is seated on their toilet as well as their body type, height, weight, and diet can all affect how well a bidet seat will clean a user. The more you use your bidet seat, the more familiar and comfortable it will become for you. In this way each individual user can learn how to best utilize their bidet to ensure they achieve a complete clean.

Most bidet seats include an oscillating nozzle but not all will include a wide spray function. Please read over the feature list on each model to ensure the bidet seat model you are looking at includes these features. 

Another important feature included in a bidet that will greatly benefit a user with prosthetic limbs is that of the warm air dryer. This feature will allow users to dry themselves using a warm air dryer after having finished using a rear wash cycle by blowing warm air around one's bum. Additional features included in many bidets allows users to program their bidet seat to automatically start the warm air dryer immediately upon completion of their rear wash cycle. This helps save time and headache with fumbling around with pressing different settings on your remote or side panel. Like with many aspects of a bidet seat, using the warm air dryer to completely dry oneself requires some practice and patience. For some users, a single warm air dryer cycle can completely dry them, for others, such as larger users, multiple dryer cycles can be required. Again, this all depends on the individual. Their height, weight, body type, and sitting position can all play a role in how well a bidet seat will dry you. 

Improved Hygiene - Maintain Your Dignity

Using a bidet seat can help prosthetic limb users ensure they are completely clean after using the toilet. Some amputees do not have access to a caretaker or a family member who can help them clean themselves after using the toilet. This can lead to an incomplete clean when a user wipes with toilet paper or wet wipes. This, obviously, is unhygienic and can lead to infections and the spreading of disease. A bidet seat can help eliminate this issue with its rear wash, front feminine wash, and warm air dryer. 

Requiring a caretaker or family member to help with wiping after having used the toilet can be a rather uncomfortable situation for both parties involved. A bidet seat will allow users to maintain their dignity and independence by eliminating the need for assistance when using the toilet. 

Bidet Seats for Amputees We Recommend