5 of the Best Looking Bidet Seats of 2023

When it comes to bathroom design, a bidet seat can be more than just a functional addition. It can also serve as a statement piece, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space. As the market for bidet seats grows, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on design elements, ensuring their products are not just technologically advanced but also visually appealing. In this article, we rank the top 5 best-looking bidet seats that beautifully merge style with function.

5. TOTO Washlet C5

The TOTO Washlet C5 offers a sleek design characterized by its flowing lines and ergonomic shape. TOTO, known for its commitment to quality and design, has ensured that the Washlet C5 seamlessly fits modern toilets. The smooth curves and minimalist design, coupled with the trademark TOTO aesthetics, make this model a stylish addition, though it's somewhat bulkier than its counterparts higher on this list.

4. Alpha JX

The Alpha JX is an embodiment of the philosophy that less is more. With its streamlined design and compact build, it exudes a contemporary feel. The soft edges and the intuitive wireless remote control add to its refined look. Alpha Bidet has managed to pack in an array of features without compromising on the sleek profile of the JX, making it a favorite for those who seek a modern and understated elegance in their bathroom fixtures.

3. Brondell Swash Thinline T44

Brondell's newest flagship bidet seat, the Swash Thinline T44, is a testament to innovative design. As the name suggests, this model boasts a slim profile, setting it apart from many of its competitors. The thin design, combined with its sophisticated look, ensures that it doesn't dominate the space but rather complements the overall bathroom decor. The muted tones and subtle LED indicators enhance its modern appeal.

2. TOTO Washlet S7A

TOTO makes the list again with the Washlet S7A, which can easily be described as the epitome of bidet elegance. Its design is a harmonious blend of sophistication and technology. The auto open/close lid feature not only adds to its functionality but also its visual appeal, providing a seamless look when not in use. Its clean lines, paired with a slightly contoured seat, exude luxury, making it a centerpiece in any upscale bathroom. Customers can also choose between a more modern look with a contemporary lid style or go with a traditional look with a classic lid style. Either option will have your bathroom looking impressively sleek. 

1. Alpha UX Pearl

Topping our list is the Alpha UX Pearl. This model can be likened to a work of art in the world of bidet seats. With its incredibly slim profile, the UX Pearl stands out as one of the sleekest bidets in the market. The design philosophy behind the UX Pearl seems to have been guided by a minimalist approach. The soft glow of its LED night light, combined with its attractive shape, gives it an ethereal presence. Every aspect, from its slim, wireless remote control to the gentle curves, has been crafted keeping aesthetics in mind. It's a bidet seat that doesn't just perform its function but also adds a touch of luxury and modernity to the bathroom.


A bidet seat's primary function might be hygiene, but in today's design-conscious world, its appearance is equally important. The above models have successfully married form and function, proving that bathroom fixtures can be both practical and beautiful. Whether you're renovating your space or just looking for that touch of elegance, these bidet seats promise to elevate the aesthetic quotient of your bathroom.