The Best Bidet for Those With Arthritis

Bidet Seats are Incredible at Cleaning Your Caboose

BUT for people with arthritis, it can sometimes be hard to use bidet seats that have knobs or toggle controls. If only there was a better way? Oh wait, (ding), I know one!...

Knobs & Toggles Present Obstacles

Some bidet seats have knobs and toggles that turn water on and aim the water spray. While these types of bidets are great for thoroughly cleaning one’s bottom, they can be troublesome to use for people with common medical conditions, like arthritis. 
Arthritis, and many other hand and arm conditions, make your hands feel stiff and have less range of motion, dexterity, and sensation. These symptoms make it difficult to use toilet paper and pinch and grip knob and toggle bidet controls.

Wireless Remote Eliminates Obstacles

You don’t want to fight with your toilet every time you try to clean your keister! Luckily, there’s a bidet seat that solves this problem. The Alpha UX Pearl Bidet Seat has a remote control with big buttons that are very easy to push.
What’s cool about the remote is that I could also use other body parts to push the buttons, like my knuckles, the palm of my hand, my elbow, or even my toes! The Alpha UX Pearl has a buttload of fabulous features to choose on the remote! Let’s go over how the bidet would make it easier for people with arthritis to clean their caboose.

Using Your Electric Bidet Toilet Seat's Wireless Remote

After you do your duty, use the remote control to choose the posterior or feminine wash option. Press the position button to aim and spray water on your bottom in the “just right” spot for you.
Next, adjust the water temperature to your preference by making it cooler or warmer. You can also change the water pressure and make it more gentle or intense depending on what feels best to you.Keep the water on for about a minute long to make sure your caboose is totally clean. Then select the air dryer temperature and sit and relax for a couple of minutes while it dries your bottom.

Benefits of the Heated Seat

The last feature I want to mention for arthritis users is the seat warmer option. Let me tell you, a warm toilet seat feels really good on those hip joints, especially in the winter!

I recommend using the Alpha UX Pearl because the remote makes it so much easier for arthritis users to get totally clean on the toilet! 

It eliminates frustration over fumbling with knobs and toggles. It helps you regain your dignity and makes you feel so fresh and so clean! I also want to point out that bidets with remotes help out people with other types of hand and arm conditions besides arthritis! Here are other medical conditions that would benefit from bidets with remotes;

Rheumatoid arthritis, upper extremity amputation, tenodesis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, chemotherapy, hand and arm injuries, brachial plexus injury, rotator cuff injury, tendinitis, myofascial pain syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, ligament injuries, myelopathy, trigger finger, ganglion cysts, mallet finger, and so much more!

Remember, I’ve got your backside.
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