5 Must-Know Bidet Tips for Older Adults



One day, my grandmother leaned over and told me ‘I hate to admit it, but it’s getting harder to wipe the older I get. Thanks, back issues!’ 

Granny isn’t the only one with this problem. It’s common for us all to struggle with wiping as we age. 

One of the solutions that a lot of older adults go to is a bidet seat.

If you’re considering using a bidet seat too, stick around to learn 5 must-know bidet tips for older adults.

A GFCI Outlet Is A Must

The first tip is to install a GFCI outlet next to your toilet. Yes, I know it can be a hassle to call up the electrician, but the effort will be well worth it!

A GFCI outlet will allow you to purchase any type of bidet seat on the market. You won’t be restricted in your options or forced to choose a non-electric bidet that doesn’t have all the features you want.

A GFCI outlet empowers you to focus on choosing a bidet seat that has all the right features to suit your unique needs. 

Personally, the best part about installing GFCI outlets next to my toilet is year round warm toilet seats! When it’s wintertime, I guarantee your booty will be thanking you!

Wireless Remotes Are A Godsend

The second tip is to purchase a bidet seat with a remote, like the Alpha UX Pearl. 

A bidet seat with a remote is a life saver (or a back saver) because you don’t have to twist and bend to wipe your bottom. After toileting, all you have to do is sit still and effortlessly push the buttons on the remote for the bidet to thoroughly clean your bottom.

Bidet seats with remotes set you up for success, especially if you have surgery coming up. Sometimes surgeons ask for patients to follow precautions that limit their movement. The Alpha UX Pearl bidet seat helps you follow your surgeon’s instructions and cleans your keister

Mount The Remote Within Reach

Tip number three is to mount the bidet remote in a place that’s within reach. For instance if there’s a wall next to the toilet, I prefer to mount the bidet remote on the wall. That way, I can easily reach it and protect my back from strain and pain.

I recommend sitting down on the toilet and looking at the area surrounding the toilet to decide on the best place to mount the remote. The goal is not to overreach or twist your back. We want you to have all the conveniences life has to offer, honey!

User Presets

The fourth tip is to set up the user presetting option, like this one on the Alpha UX Pearl! 

The user presets allow you to program up to 2 user profiles with your preferred water pressure, temperature, and nozzle position. 

After toileting, you’ll select the user profile and then the wash option to take care of your tushy on the toilet! 

If you’d like to incorporate the air dryer to dry your bottom, consider using the auto wash and dry function. It conveniently uses your preferred water options and then automatically finishes the cycle by drying your bottom!

Utilize A Seat Riser 

Ready for the last tip? Tip number five is to use a bidet seat with equipment that makes the toilet taller.

Some people need to make the toilet taller to get on and off of it easier. You may have heard about stool risers or over the toilet commodes. There are all kinds of equipment that’s used to make the toilet taller!

For your convenience, Bidet King sells a toilet riser that secures a bidet seat on top of it. Simply bolt the toilet riser on your toilet stool and install the bidet seat on top.

You’re able to safely get on and off of the toilet and use the bidet seat to clean your heinie. No more struggling on the toilet.

Figuring out the perfect toilet set up is absolutely worth it to maintain your independence and dignity in the bathroom!

Let’s do a quick review of these tips:

  1. Install a GFCI outlet next to the toilet.
  2. Choose a bidet seat with a remote control.
  3. Mount the remote within reach of the toilet.
  4. Set up the auto wash and dry function.
  5. Use a bidet seat with equipment that makes the toilet taller.

These tips will help you tinker with your toilet to maintain your dignity and privacy on the privy!

Ready to pick out your bidet? Head on over to BidetKing.com or ToiletTalk.me!

And remember; I’ve got your backside!

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