Bidet Seats For People With Vision Loss

For people with vision loss, there can be a lot of challenges when using a regular toilet and toilet paper. For instance, it can be hard to know if you’re fully clean down there. A common quick fix is to use a bidet seat to thoroughly clean your backside. But did you know that bidet seats can improve your experience in the bathroom in even more ways? In this article we will discuss 4 ways bidet seats enhance bathroom experience for people with vision loss.

A Remedy For Using The Toilet With Vision Loss

When people live with vision loss, it can make ordinary things like using the toilet more difficult to do. It’s easy to feel frustrated while attempting to locate the toilet, find toilet paper, and make sure your bottom is thoroughly cleaned. Since you use the bathroom several times a day, I’m guessing you’d rather enjoy your time on the toilet! So let me explain how bidet seats help people with vision loss.

Bidet seats, like the Alpha UX Pearl, are a good solution for people with vision loss because they eliminate the need for toilet paper. Simply aim and spray water to gently clean your bottom. Water is more effective and efficient at cleaning your backside compared to toilet paper. Plus, you don’t have to fumble around with toilet paper.

That’s a win-win in my book!

To make sure your butt is totally clean, remain seated and spray water for at least one minute. Then you’ll be good to go.

Utilizing The Remote Control 

The Alpha UX Pearl has black, red, and white colors on the remote. These colors highly contrast with each other which makes it easier for people with vision loss to read and select their preferred options on the remote. Personally, the color contrast helps me choose the correct option when I’m not wearing glasses or contacts in the bathroom. I don’t have to struggle as much to make sure I’m pushing the right button.

If you or a family member needs more help to use the remote, add tactile stickers or bump dots on the buttons you typically use. This allows you to choose the right bidet function based off of feel. Since the buttons are mostly white, I easily added a black tactile sticker so that I can see and feel the button I want to push. This saves me time and frustration from searching for the right button.

User Presets 

The third way bidet seats enhance the bathroom experience for people with vision loss is the user presetting function, like this one on the Alpha UX Pearl.The user presettings allow you to program up to 2 user profiles with your preferred water pressure, temperature, and nozzle position. 

After toileting, you’ll select the user profile and then the bidet seat will automatically clean your bottom with your preferred settings. If you’d like to incorporate the air dryer to dry your bottom, consider using the auto wash and dry function. It conveniently uses your preferred water options and then instantly finishes the cycle by drying your booty! Hang out on the toilet for a couple of minutes to ensure that your bottom is thoroughly dry. 

LED Night Light 

It’s common for people with vision loss to keep the toilet lid open to make it easier to find. But is there something else that can make the toilet even more findable at night time? You betcha!”

The last way bidets enhance the bathroom experience for people with vision loss is with LED lights.

The Alpha UX Pearl comes with an LED light that automatically turns on at night. The light makes the toilet stand out in the dark, which boosts safety when answering Nature’s Call. The light lessens the chance of falling while going to the bathroom.

Keep the toilet lid up and let the LED light do its thing!


Let’s review the ways bidet seats help people with vision loss:

  • uses water to thoroughly clean your bottom
  • high contrast colors make it easier to select the right buttons on the remote
  • capable of programming user presettings to clean your bottom with the push of one button
  • LED lights automatically turn on and make it easier to find the toilet at night.

Remember, I've got your back side.

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