Shoulder Surgery Recovery Tips for Wiping

Let’s talk about some common shoulder precautions that your surgeon may give you:

  • No active shoulder movement. You can’t move your shoulder like this at all.
  • No internal rotation of the shoulder, which is medical mumbo jumbo for “no wiping your butt!”
  • No lifting or pulling.
  • and no putting weight through your hand, like this.

Surgery on your dominant hand?

If you had surgery on your dominant hand, you know, the one you use for writing, then things can get even trickier! Sure, you can try to wipe with your non-dominant hand, but it can quickly feel frustrating to practice this skill while cleaning your keister after surgery! The extra bending and twisting may cause more pain in your shoulder.

Staying Fresh And Clean

In the therapy world, we say less pain equals more gain, which is why I want you to consider using a bidet! Using a bidet after shoulder surgery completely eliminates the need to wipe your bottom after going. Bidets, like the Alpha UX Pearl, use water to gently and effectively clean your bottom. Use the remote control to select your preferred water pressure and temperature.

When you’re finished washing, stay seated and use the air drying option. Now your booty is so fresh and so clean!

Easy to use Function

Let me show you how easy it is to keep that rear in gear. After you use the toilet, sit tall with your feet flat on the ground. Grab the remote and select your water preferences using your dominant or nondominant hand. After washing, choose the air drying option to dry your bum. You’re good to go! Bidets can also be useful in helping you recover from other hand and arm procedures. In general, surgeons want people to avoid actively moving the joint they work on. Bidets with remotes, like the Alpha UX Pearl, give your limbs a break while you’re healing.

Pre-setting for even more ease

Many bidet seats have user pre-settings that allow you to set your preferred water nozzle position, temperature, and intensity. With the push of one button, you’ll be able to wash your tuckus instead of reaching back and wiping, wiping, wiping! Keep that shoulder still, my friend!

Using the bidet after shoulder surgery allows you to continue your shoulder precautions. Feel less pain and keep your heinie healthy. The bidet is an important asset to your recovery!

Remember, I’ve got your backside!

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