Bidets for Caregivers

Wiping other people’s butts can be super awkward, even if it’s just your family. What if I told you that you didn’t have to wipe someone else’s butt ever again? As a professional butt wiper myself, I know how hard it can be to clean another person’s bottom, and let me tell you, it can be so awkward!

Helps Maintain Dignity
I want to help that person get cleaned up and feel as dignified as possible. Butt (pun intended) there’s nothing more awkward than helping wipe someone else’s bottom. If you’re a fellow caregiver who helps people wipe, I’m sure you have plenty of awkward wiping stories to share.

Avoid The Mess
The act of wiping itself is awkward. As a caregiver, you gotta be up close with your person while wiping their bottom with toilet paper multiple times. It can get messy. It can get stinky. It can make you question what you’re doing in this life. Imagine assisting a family member or total stranger who’s halfway naked and pooping on the toilet. It’s like you’re trying to be simultaneously invisible and helpful at the same time. All I know after my personal experience is that nothing says ‘the power of love’ like wiping your Granny’s ass.

Get A Bidet!
What if I told you that you didn’t have to wipe someone’s butt ever again? How would that make you feel? How would that impact your life? Let me tell you how it’s done. You need to get a bidet! Bidet seats like the Alpha UX Pearl are the best solution to make sure you never wipe someone's butt again. Bidet seats are installed on the toilet you normally use at home. The water spray gently and effectively cleans your booty after using the toilet. 

Ease of use Via Wireless Remote Control
Bidets are very easy for caregivers to use while helping a family member or client with their basic butt hygiene. First, you’ll ask the person you’re helping to remain seated after using the toilet. Then either you or the person you’re helping can use the remote control to aim the water spray, select the water pressure, and choose the water temperature.

Features For Your Advantage
The Alpha UX Pearl has options for feminine wash and posterior wash. I highly recommend using the presettings function because it saves your preferred setting. The next time the person you’re helping needs the toilet, their favorite settings are ready to go with the push of the button.

It’s A Real Pain
We've talked about the awkwardness of wiping someone else's bottom, but there's one other thing no one talks about - the physical pain of helping someone else wipe. Bathrooms can be incredibly small, tiny spaces. Oftentimes, I’m crammed in a corner while cleaning cabooses! This situation is very unkind to my back because I have less room to get in the best position for me to reach someone else’s bottom. I really have to bend, stretch, and reach for toilet paper while wiping as quickly as possible. If someone isn’t able to stand up while I wipe their butt, that’s a whole other level of pain! I basically have to hold them with one arm to stay standing up and wipe their butt with the other arm at the same time! It doesn't work so well! How do we avoid all that physical pain of helping someone wipe? You guessed it, a bidet seat.

With The Push Of A Button
Many bidet seats like the Alpha UX Pearl have an air drying option in addition to the water option. After the person you’re assisting is finished with the water spray, ask them to remain seated and turn on the air dryer with the push of a button. In a couple of minutes, their tuckus will be dried. Everyone is good to go! NO extreme back bending or pain required.

Bidet seats help caregivers like you and me feel less awkward and less pain. They’re a great tool to give people some dignity back while using the toilet. Bidet seats are a win-win for everyone!

Remember, I’ve got your backside!

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