How Bidets are Especially Beneficial During Pregnancy Postpartum


Personal Experience

I've had personal experience with being pregnant and giving birth. So I know what goes down in toilet town!
I’m writing this article in collaboration with, the online leader in bidet seats, to talk about how bidet seats can make it easier for you to clean your bottom during and after pregnancy.

“Not So Fun” Symptoms

There are some “not so fun” symptoms that commonly happen during and after pregnancy. First, there's a lot more vaginal discharge. Because of this you're going to want to take a lot more showers, but let's face it, you're growing a human and your energy to take showers is going to be really low.

Next, there’s the most obvious pregnancy symptom: the belly! Your body constantly changes during and after pregnancy, which makes it uncomfortable to twist your back and wipe your butt.

The spine, joints, and organs practically get whiplashed from the baby’s rapid growth and quick exit! Your pelvic floor may be weakened which causes episodes of urinary incontinence.

They Don’t Feel Like Happy Little Accidents!

Coming ‘round the corner on the pregnancy fun track is hemorrhoids! These butt bumps may make an appearance due to strain and pressure from constipation. Hemorrhoids may feel itchy, warm, or painful once they appear. Just the thing you want on top of all the other symptoms!

Lastly after you give birth, your vagina and perineum may feel really sore. It may be difficult to gently and thoroughly clean your tuchus once you’re also taking care of a small human.

How do you make sure you’ll simultaneously take great care of your butt and baby? Use A Bidet Seat!

Water Cleans Effectively

Bidet seats use water to gently and effectively clean your bottom after you go to the bathroom. They’ll make you feel better about yourself because we know you ain’t getting in the shower as frequently as you used to.

They make your life easier because you’re not putting so much effort twisting and bending while wiping with toilet paper. It can be a work out reaching around that belly to wipe!

Let’s take a look at the Alpha UX Pearl bidet seat to see how it works!

After you use the toilet, stay seated and use the remote control to aim the water spray and choose the water intensity. You can decide which water temperature feels best to you! Personally, I favored cool water which helped with soreness and symptoms from hemorrhoids.

Yes, girl, I got ‘em too!

This bidet seat also has a user presetting option. With the touch of the button, your preferred water intensity and pressure will instantly clean you up. This is really helpful if you want a quick vagina wash to feel fresh down there!

You may be wondering, “How do I keep my back from twisting when I dry my butt with toilet paper?” My answer is ‘Don’t use toilet paper at all!’”

The Alpha UX Pearl has an air drying function. After you clean your butt with water, select the air drying function to thoroughly dry your bottom. It takes about two minutes, but this gives you the chance to sit back and relax.

Let the bidet seat do the work for you!

Using a remote control keeps your back aligned, so you won’t accidentally twist your back the wrong way and get injured. Install the remote on the wall next to the toilet to keep it within reach.

Your takeaway should be this: bidet seats make it easier to take care of you! Pregnancy, birth, and parenting are all so challenging. It’s important for your daily basic butt needs to be met.

Put yourself first, my love!

I gotta say that bidet seats make the perfect baby shower gift to make your booty feel so fresh and so clean! You gotta add one to your baby shower registry!

Remember, I’ve got your backside.

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