Bidets for Larger Bodies


We like big butts and we cannot lie 
Whether you identify as obese, heavy, higher weight or larger bodied stick around to learn how to use a bidet to clean your bottom. Why am I talking about bidet seats for larger bodies? Because I'm a healthcare professional. Who wants to make sure all types of people have the resources they need to take care of themselves. 

No Butts Left Behind
In health care larger bodied people tend to be left out of the conversation and I want to make sure all body types are included in butt health. Sometimes larger bodied people feel like they can't reach well or wipe enough to feel thoroughly cleaned after using the toilet. The answer isn't to keep wiping until your booty is raw. Consider using a bidet seat as an alternative option for a fresh shower. Water is gentler and more effective than cleaning your bottom compared to toilet paper or wet wipes. Using water helps unwanted bacteria stay away from your urethra and keeps your skin infection free and irritation free.

Important Bidet Features to Consider
Bidet seats like the Alpha UX Pearl have an adjustable nozzle for you to position the water where it needs to go. You can choose the front wash or the rear wash, and the water intensity to thoroughly clean your bottom. There are a couple of important features to look for in a bidet seat for larger bodies. 

What To Look Out For
The first thing is to look for bidet seats with elongated seats, not round. Elongated will help give you extra wiggle room to clean your caboose. Next look for a bidet seat with remote controls as opposed to a side mounted control. Bidet seats with side mounting controls can be tricky because when you sit on the toilet you might accidentally cover it up with your leg and your buttocks. bidet seats with a remote help you avoid that problem completely because you can hold the remote in your hand and use the bidet controls. Many bidet seats have user presets that allow you to set your preferred water nozzle position temperature and intensity. With the push of one button you will be able to wash your bottom exactly as you wish. Lastly you want to get the most bang for your buck by checking the bidet seat weight capacity. Most bidet seats accommodate people more than 320 pounds. If you need something at a higher capacity the Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss is made for users up to 420 pounds. 

Your Position Matters
For larger bodied people it's important to be in the best possible position on the toilet to clean your keister. Sit in the center of the toilet so that the nozzle position sprays your bottom right every time. Everyone's anatomy is a little bit different. My nozzle position may be in a different spot than the nozzle position you need for your use. That is why the presets are convenient if you are sharing the bidet with someone else. After you tend to nature's call, I recommend sitting tall and gently pulling apart your buttcheeks so the water can thoroughly clean your sensitive booty skin. Place your knees, and ankles in 90 degree angles so you feel stable while getting washed up with the bidet. Toilet stools are great for keeping those cheeks spread far apart. If you already use a stool, stay in the same position to wash your bottom. If propping your feet up on the stool causes you discomfort in your back hips or belly then the toilet stool may not be the best option for you. 

Comfort is Key
It's important to feel comfortable while using this toilet because it helps you poop easier when you relax. Another option is to help the water nozzle spray clean you thoroughly is to place a grab bar next to the toilet. Hold on to the grab bar while leaning side to side and front to back. Once you're in the best position possible get out that remote and clean that bootyhole.

Female Anatomy - Front Wash Then Rear
For people with female anatomy make sure to use the front wash before the rear wash so you can keep that unwanted bacteria away from your urethra. When you're finished spraying water on your bottom, stay seated and use the warm air dryer to warm your private parts, no leaning required. 

Dry Thoroughly
It's very important to thoroughly dry your delicate booty skin to avoid other types of unwanted infections. Larger bodied people around the world deserve to feel so fresh, and so clean after using the toilet. If you're interested in learning more about bidet seats head on over to

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