Are you wiping wrong? UTI issues? Bidet seats can help

Micro Tears Harbor Bacteria 
People tend to wipe too much and too hard with toilet paper to feel thoroughly clean. Wiping hard creates micro tears in your private parts that promote bacteria to linger and grow. It’s common to see people wipe from back to front. This spreads bacteria from the anus and vagina to the urethra. When bacteria enters the urethra it causes a urinary tract infection or UTI. UTIs take place in your ureters, your bladder, or heaven forbid your kidneys. 


Water Cleans Better 
Bidet seats like the Alpha UX Pearl spray water to gently and effectively clean your private parts. If you have female anatomy, first use the feminine wash option to spray the periurethral area. Then use the rear wash to spray the perirectal area. This is the best way to keep UTI causing bacteria away from the urethra. Always spray front to back, with a bidet seat you can adjust the water intensity to your preference. You don't need high intensity water pressure to get thoroughly cleaned. A lower water intensity helps avoid micro tears from developing on your sensitive private parts. 


Beware of the Mud Residue
Now, I know I could just tell you to gently wipe from front to back with toilet paper, but I want you to think about this analogy for a moment. If you were to get mud on your hands and wipe it off with a paper towel would you feel thoroughly cleaned? Probably not, because there is a ton of mud residue left over. Now if you were to use water to clean the mud off your hands, you would probably feel much better because the water would clear all of the mud residue off your skin. You wouldn't have that icky feeling left over. That’s what bidet seats do. The water gently and effectively removes the residue and unwanted bacteria. You'll feel fresh and clean. 


Hands Free Experience
You can actually avoid wiping completely with a bidet seat like the Alpha UX Pearl. When you’re finished spraying water on your bottom you can stay seated and use the warm air dryer function to dry your periurethral and perirectal areas. It's very important to thoroughly dry your delicate booty skin to avoid other types of unwanted infection. You could also gently pat dry your bottom with toilet paper or a booty only towel. Just no wiping, okay?


At the end of the day your takeaway should be this; stop wiping and start using a bidet seat to gently clean your bottom.

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