Bidets & Back Surgery Recovery

Are you getting ready for back surgery? Are you feeling unsure about how things will go on the toilet with your back surgery precautions? Well you're in the right spot. Today we are going to talk about 3 ways bidet seats can help you with your back surgery recovery. 

This video is in collaboration with, the online leader in bidet seats, to share with you how bidet seats can help with your back surgery recovery.

Adhere to Back Precautions
When I work with people after back surgery I know that cleaning your bottom is going to be one of the toughest things you do. That’s because most surgeons give you these back precautions, no bending, lifting, and no twisting. This means that wiping the regular way will break your back precaution, and I don't want you to compromise your back from healing properly. I recommend bidet seats for every single person who’s had back surgery. That’s because bidet seats support your back precautions. When you use a bidet seat you don't move your back while your bottom is getting cleaned. Let me show you what I mean with the Alpha UX Pearl. 

Lessen Chances for Pain
After you go to the bathroom stay seated and use the remote control to aim and spray water. That's it. Did you see me twist or bend my back? I didn't think so. If you try to wipe your bottom with toilet paper you may feel intense back pain. I don't want that for you. Haven't you felt enough pain already? Feeling sharp stabbing pain in your back means that you are causing structural harm. That’s the opposite of recovery. Plus you won't fully clean your hiney if you are in a world of hurt. 

Using a bidet will limit the pain that you feel because you're not twisting and bending your back like you normally do to get thoroughly cleaned. To avoid twisting your back make sure to use a bidet seat with a remote control like the Alpha UX Pearl. You'll push the buttons on the remote to select the water intensity and position the nozzles to spray your bum with water. When your bottom’s clean use the remote to turn on the warm air dryer. No toilet paper needed. Voila.

Maintain Your Dignity
Lastly, bidet seats help you maintain your dignity while recovering from back surgery. You don't have to ask a family member to wipe your butt. You don't have to feel embarrassed about not being all the way clean or smelling bad, and you don't have to take a shower after every poop. Just sit and spray, Baby!

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