Why You Should Ditch Toilet Paper & Get a Bidet

The bathroom, often considered a private sanctuary, has seen relatively few innovations over the past century. However, in our modern age, the humble toilet is undergoing a revolution. As sustainability, hygiene, and convenience become paramount, many are realizing that the traditional roll of toilet paper may no longer be the best option. Enter the bidet seat, a game-changer in personal hygiene. At BidetKing we stand behind the comfort and luxury bidet seats bring to our customers and aim to educate and inform those who are looking to improve their hygiene. So, in this article, we will discuss why now is the best time to make the switch from traditional toilet paper/wet wipes to a bidet seat.

Sustainability Matters

With the global emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint, every action to help our planet counts. The production of toilet paper consumes vast amounts of water, energy, and trees. By switching to a bidet seat, you can drastically reduce your toilet paper consumption. This simple change can save forests, reduce energy usage, and decrease the amount of wastewater generated by toilet paper production. If environmental sustainability is on your agenda, now is the time to embrace the bidet. Some great bidet models to consider are the Alpha UX Pearl, Alpha JX, Bio Bidet Discovery DLS, and the TOTO S550e Washlet.

Unprecedented Hygiene

The recent public health challenges have highlighted the importance of hygiene more than ever before. A bidet seat provides a more thorough clean than toilet paper and wet wipes alone. It uses water, nature’s cleanser, to ensure that you're not merely wiping away or smearing, but actively washing off any residues. This provides a deeper sense of cleanliness and reduces the risk of bacterial transmission. You’ll leave your bathroom feeling clean and refreshed. Something toilet paper and wet wipes simply cannot achieve. 

Economic Savings

Though there's an initial investment when purchasing a bidet seat, the long-term savings are considerable. Think about the recurring cost of buying toilet paper. Over months and years, these expenses add up. By reducing or eliminating the need for toilet paper, the bidet seat can easily pay for itself over time. If one utilizes a bidet seats built-in warm air dryer, the savings can be even more pronounced. 

Resilience in Supply Chain Disruptions

Recent times have seen unexpected disruptions in supply chains, with items like toilet paper becoming surprisingly hard to find. Those with bidet seats were unfazed by these shortages. Investing in a bidet seat is not just about comfort and hygiene; it’s about ensuring you're not caught unprepared in unpredictable situations. Think of it as future proofing against any toilet paper shortages that may arise.

Skin Health

Frequent use of toilet paper, especially types that are rough or contain chemicals, can irritate the skin. Bidet seats offer a gentle alternative. Many modern bidets come with customizable water temperatures, ensuring a comfortable experience. The added feature of a warm air dryer in many models further reduces physical friction, promoting healthier skin.

Advanced Features for Modern Living

Today’s bidet seats come packed with features that cater to the modern user. From heated seats and customizable water pressures to user presets and nightlights, these are designed for ultimate comfort. With the rapid advancement in bidet technology, now is an opportune moment to enjoy these features.

Space Saving

By eliminating the need to store bulky packs of toilet paper, you can free up storage space in your bathroom or elsewhere in your home. This might seem minor, but in smaller living spaces, every bit of extra storage counts.

Cultural Shift

Bidets have been standard in regions like Europe and Asia for decades. The Western world is now catching on, realizing the many benefits bidets offer. By adopting a bidet seat now, you’re aligning with a growing global trend, becoming part of a larger cultural shift toward better hygiene and sustainability.


The case for bidets has never been stronger. In a world that’s rapidly evolving, where sustainability and hygiene are of paramount importance, sticking to old habits like using toilet paper seems outmoded. The bidet seat is more than a luxury; it’s a statement of how you prioritize the environment, your health, and your comfort. Now, more than ever, it's time to ditch the roll and embrace the revolution in bathroom hygiene.