What Bidet Toilet Seats Will Fit My Kohler San Souci Toilet?

Updated April, 2023

Summary: As of now, we can confirm the Alpha JX and Kohler C3-230 will fit the Kohler San Souci (elongated). We have removed the TOTO S550e/500e as customers have reported newer San Souci's are no longer compatible. 

 Kohler San Souci toilet

The Kohler San Souci is a popular new toilet released by Kohler in 2015. It has an appealing one piece design, and if you’re reading this you probably own one, or are considering buying one. So now for the big question, “What bidet seats will fit the Kohler San Souci?”

Kohler San Souci Design

The Kohler San Souci is a fashionable toilet with its elegant curved tank and seamless one piece design.  However, its beauty is also its weakness. Due to its “French curve” tank design, the San Souci is not compatible with most bidet seats on the market. There is very limited space between the tank and the toilet seat bolt holes, and the width between the curves of the tank is narrow.  Luckily, the Kohler San Souci does have an elongated bowl which will at least allow for some bidet seats to fit.

Which Bidet Toilet Seats Will Fit the Kohler San Souci?

We can confirm that the Alpha JX bidet toilet seat and the Kohler C3-230 will fit on the Kohler San Souci. With the Kohler San Souci, it is possible that there will be some slight overhang off the front of the toilet bowl, less than an inch. Although this overhang will not affect functionality, it is something that is worth considering.

kohler c2 230 installed on the Kohler san souci toilet, side view 

 Margin for Error

Large sanitary ware brands like Kohler produce their model lines in different factories. With popular models like the San Souci, there are a number of different model #s and SKUs and slight differences in the shape/size.  Over the years the production of it may change ever so slightly by a 1/4" here or there.  To a normal toilet consumer, this means nothing. To someone trying to install a bidet seat, this could be the difference between compatibility and non-compatibility.  Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing until customers report issues.  Please take all information provided in this article as advisory because we cannot guarantee compatibility.